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Informal Letter: Q).You recently read about the culinary habits of various cultures at school. Write a letter to your friend telling what you have learnt. Include: preferences of different cultures/ how these are caught and served/ how locals enjoy delicacy and relevant sports. Think carefully of your letter and the audience for whom it is intended. By: Maham Ali



                                                                                              Sunset Street,

                                                                                              Pensacola Florida,

                                                                                              November 14th 2018,

Dear Joe,

How are you? I hope you are doing well and I recently heard from Seth that you shifted into your new apartment. I know how that rollercoaster ride goes but I’m sure you will make it through. The first week is hectic but do not worry you will get use to it. How are the dogs doing?

Anyways, I recently read about these culinary habits of various cultures at school and I must say I was quite impressed. According to their culture they have these beliefs and sayings. At first I found it unusual but it is their way of living yet I still found their odd habits interesting.

The way they make their food is just unbelievable not only that they even have these limped chickens. Which means that those chickens lack in strength and firmness. I cannot even begin to think how their meat would taste. I even read that the meat of some animals can be disturbingly red.

According to my book it is even said that these people enjoy eating blubber of whales. This brings up to my attention if they like eating this type of unusual meals, I wonder how they would feel if they got a chance to taste our food? The fact that it is rich in minerals and vitamins is bizarre.

As we were reading the teacher told us to search up the beliefs of their culture.. I was really excited to search it up and you will not believe when I tell you this the dark rich meat is priceless and it is said to heal any injuries caused to anyone may it be humans or animals. I think it might be like a healing crystal for them.

Moreover, my book even mentioned about these famous restaurants and hotels that served food which was uncommon. I guess you can refer to it as “one of a kind”. This famous chief named Eddie Guerraro serves his popular dish of gizzards and it is spread on top of vegetables with different sauces. I wonder how anyone would have an appetite to eat all that.

Not only do these people enjoy the delicacy of their extraordinary food they even use it to make equipments. In accordance to their beliefs when they make tools out of it, it is said to bring certain victory for them which is also quiet unusual. But I think it’s a good thing for them to stick to their beliefs and be firm. Rumor has it that a man made harpoon tips and handles out of the whale blubber and when he returned from his hunting trip he had hunted the most ferocious beasts lurking in the wild.

Anyhow, do you remember how my grandma had rabbits and guinea pigs at her farm, these people consider them to be a part of their important food. It is essential for them to eat this, I do not mean to criticize but that is just rude, how can anyone eat rabbits?

They even have this tradition that on any occasion a gift or wine is not considered just gifting a pair of guinea pigs is more then enough. Can you believe that? After reading about their culinary habits, cultures and beliefs I really want to visit this country.

But of course that can not be done since I’m busy with school and you are busy with your work. As we were nearing to the end of this topic the teacher pointed out that the people of this country consider Artic whales to be their spirit animals. This animal was precious to them in a lot of ways. It was even reported that they could communicate under water. But according to them it was an important animal for haunting, eating and helping them to survive.

So that is all I read about, pretty interesting right? I was just amazed at the intelligence and at the creativity of these people. I hope I did not bore you but I would really appreciate if you took some time out and read about this online. Trust me you will not regret it. Anyways take care my dear friend, I  am looking forward to hearing from you.





Informal Letter: Different Cuisines By Javeria Husain


                                              E-11/2, street 62,

House 11/B.

                                                                                                    11th Feb.  2019
Dear Minahil,
Hey! I hope you’re doing well? Recently, I’ve been missing my now long distance best friend; I miss Pakistan. Australia just isn’t the same, I’m missing your presence a lot, so I thought I’d write to you. Time differences make it even harder to text, so letters will do.
We missed our weekend – weekly call on Sunday, so I’ll write about my week in school. It’s actually interesting! (trust me).
The school here is weird. Not entirely weird, but lately we’ve been studying weird and unusual things. For instance, during PSHE, we learnt the importance of different cultures, their preferences, eating habits. It was appealing, but odd, too. The two cultures are polar opposites!
Did you know that the people of Ecuador prefer to eat dull food, consisting of humitas- I know you’d be laughing reading that- but they’re steamed fresh corn cake, which is a really traditional food item there (corn cake! I know you hate corn!) Haha!
The little street shops in little Ecuadorian towns usually serve that with hotdog sausages, and sweet tamale. Odd food combo, right?
On the other hand, the brighter side of Ecuador tends to eat rather yummy food, and get this- my mouth watered in class just reading about it! We have to visit Ecuador, soon, Mina!
Anyways, they feast on grilled chicken gizzards (gizzards are stomach parts, by the way) served with a heap of sweet corn (it looked good, okay!) and finally friend kennels of salted maize. I need to get ahold of a recipe for that delicious meal, right?
However, Indian rabbits are a big hit in Ecuador. They’re considered an important food source in Peru.
I don’t mean to write a whole essay of uninteresting things and descriptions of food when all you have are samosas to dip in ketchup (Haha), and I know you rather I write about some Australian boys that go here, but ‘food over boys’, okay! So let me continue.
(i’ll write something more interesting for you next week).
Besides Indian rabbits,
It also came to my knowledge that people that live in the Arctic (Thule, to be exact), feast on whales? Ummm… What?
Okay so, hunters that survive in the Arctic have a limited resource of vitamin C, which is derived from either fruit, or vegetables, which are also limited.
In whales, their dark, rich meat acts as a vital role in their diet. Did you know that humans and dogs literally eat the same thing? Unbelievable!
(One whale can feed a team of dogs for an entire month!)
Haha, imagine feasting on a bar of chocolate for an entire month, that’s hard, man.
Brace yourself for my next paragraph because I’ll tell you how these people prepare their meals. Yeah, you read that right. It’s not as easy as frying something in an airfryer. Instead, in Ecuador, elderly women like to grill manually on little shops they own, selling to passerby’s , they like to grill chicken, served with a variety of corn, steamed, or fried. Delicious!
But, in Thule, the job’s much harder than you think.
Men living in those conditions in the Arctic like to hunt, which is also a ‘sport’ there. The hard work and exertion put into fetching their meals shows off their athletic capability and strength in the availability to play sports.
Trust me, I was bored too, class seemed like an absolute burden, but the thought of sports reminded me of us. Volleyball, always!
We play volleyball, but they hunt. Change is good. How we admire our sport is how they admire theirs. We should try hunting together when we next meet!
Lastly, my last piece of information for you is the last part of the lesson of what I learnt. I know this letter was more of a history lesson, but a change from gossip is good. okay!
Anyways, I was extremely keen to learn about the different activities of sports since it… just…. attached some memories of us.
The people there in Thule prefer to eat what the hunt,and hunting is also considered less of a sport, but a passion, which I admire, we share the same passion in any of our games. I’m always remembering you here and there, see!
Anyway, my hand is fatigued. Write to you next weekend. Love you. I can’t wait to hear from you next, take care.
Lots of Love,

Formal Letter: Q. You’re writing a letter to the mayor of the town explaining the causes and effects of disastrous fires By Namra Kayani




Street #99


November 4th, 2019



Street #72


Subject: The Causes and Effects of Recent Disastrous Fires


Dear Mayor,

The following letter is composed to state the issue regarding the recent wildfires that have taken place. It is known that people, by and large, like lighting fires as it’s fascinating to watch flames and get comfort from them

However, due to activities such as:

  • Creating bonfire on the seaside
  • High temperature of 30°C to 40°C
  • High wind pressure
  • Less rainfall

Due to the above various causes, catastrophic wildfires are taking place which is damaging our environment and for this people need to be held accountable as they play a major role in this nightmare

Recent incident that took place in the heart of Canberra left the forest with a stretch of rotten meat. Another that took place nearby caused more lives to be taken as the fire fled into their car at the very last moment while others were killed in their home.  More effects of such dreadful fires include:

  • Land being destroyed
  • Animals losing their habitat
  • Global Warming taking place
  • Many monuments and buildings being demolished
  • Only limited resources being available
  • Overall negative impact on the economy

Even through damages are important, what’s more important is how one can counter them by using the Government’s Aids, such as setting up donation centers, along with seeking International Help by requesting different humanitarian agencies.

Laws can also be implemented for instance, people should be told to leave free space for plain grass at the boundaries of their homes to prevent fire from expanding to their property. People should start deliberate fires as a precaution in case of emergency.

I hope the addressee takes this letter into consideration and takes some action against this issue.

Yours Sincerely,

Namra Kayani





Formal Letter: Effect of Social Networking Sites on Teenagers By Abubakr Faisal


House # 4,

Surrey Street,

Privet Drive,



Building # 3,

Downing Street,


Greater London


Subject: Effect of Social Networking Sites on Teenagers


Dear MR Jeremy Colt,


It is stated that the undersigned is writing is writing this letter to inform the addressee about the investigation regarding the effects and holds of social media networking sites on teenagers. The undersigned is very happy to tell the addressee that this investigation was a total success and the undersigned has acquired good results of the investigation.


In this investigation, the undersigned investigated he hold of social networking sites on teenagers. The effects of social networking sites and teenagers and the viewpoint of teenagers themselves regarding these effects of social media.


The undersigned obtained these during their investigation:

  1. The trends in the lives of teenagers are drastically changing since 2007. Teenagers who once wore a complete school uniform have now started wearing T-shirts and sweatshirts just because of some students who wanted to be casual at school and posted about their opinion on social media. People who saw the posts follow in the steps of these students.
  2. Schools which do not require the students to wear uniforms have also been affected. Where people wore decent clothes and were well-dressed, now they have started wearing clothes which are a little ripped from places. Even the teachers have ditched jeans and have started wearing skirts to school just because they follow their favorite filmstar or singer on social media.
  • A recent case study shows that where people started using social media from the age of 34, now it has dropped to the age of 25 in the last two years. It is expected that this age limit is expected to drop from 25 all the way down to 15 as more teenagers flood the market of social media.
  1. A research done by the undersigned shows that while the age limit is decreasing for the usage of social media, the downloads of the social media applications have been increasing. The research was based on the decreasing age limits and the results showed that the downloads of the social media applications have increased from 40% to 46% in the last two years and is expected to rise from this 46% to 55%. This means that more than half of the world will be expected to use social media and the main reason for this will be teenagers flooding the markets of social media.


These were the holds of social media on teenager. Now let the undersigned inform the addressee about the effects of social media on teenagers.


The effects of social media in this investigation are only some of the dangers to teenagers. More affects are being studied but the investigated ones are as follows:

  1. Neuroscientist Baroness Greenfield has told the undersigned that these social networking are ‘rewiring’ the brains of teenagers due to repeated exposure. “It is like a drug”, says Greenfield. “Once it is taken, the person who took it gets addicted to it and this addiction is then hard to overcome as it changes the code of brain and how it is supposed to function.” Hence the word ‘rewiring’.
  2. These neuroscientists also believe that using too much social media decreases the attention spans of teenagers. Teachers at Froebels International School were interviewed by the undersigned and they stated that teens had poor attention spans and they lacked the ability to communicate or concentrate away from their screens.
  • The undersigned conducted an experiment which involved people who used social media everyday for atleast three hours. The undersigned found out that these people lacked the ability to understand others and were much more comfortable using their computers and phones to communicate. This confirms the theory of neuroscientist Baroness Greenfield that social media ‘rewires’ the brains of teenagers.


The undersigned conducted another experiment and found out that only 25-30% of the teenagers interviewed wanted to stop using social media but more that 70% were alright using it. It was very disappointing to find that all these teenagers were not concerned about their lives. The undersigned hopes that scientists find a solution to this problem because if this keeps up, this generation is going to find it hard to progress further in the future.

It is hoped that the addressee finds the above information useful and relevant t the cause and employs it to further the same.


Yours sincerely,

Abubakr Faisal


Informal Letter: Culinary habits of various cultures at school. By Areesha Fatima


Informal Letter

  1. You have recently read about culinary habits of various cultures at school. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her what you have learnt.
  • The preferences of different cultures
  • How these are caught and served
  • How do the people enjoy the delicacy and relevant sports

Ans:                                                                                                       221B,

Baker Street, London

30th Oct, 2019.

Dear Lily,

How are you doing? Lily, you have been missed! It has been ages since we have met or talked. Okay, so now I will get on with the purpose of writing this letter. Basically, I want to tell you about the recent increase in my knowledge about culinary habits of various cultures. I learnt it in school today, in Sir Jonathan’s class.

Firstly, I got to know about humitas (sweet, steamed corn cake, traditional in the Andes). Unfortunately, it was worn-out. Ecuadorian towns had many preferences like their ‘disturbingly red’ hotdog sausages, a sweet tamale, a few limp limbed chickens turning into their mechanical rotisserie. Now, lets talk about the ‘disturbingly red’ hotdog sausages. Lily, you know how much I love red but these red hotdogs were actually very disturbing. Ecuadorians also like to eat grilled chicken gizzards (stomach parts), yes stomach parts, obviously we won’t like it.

Also, the people of Arctic are a huge fan of narwhals. Remember that narwhal’s story? Hahaha! Do you know that narwhals are an essential contributor to the survival of the hunters in the High Arctic?

By the way, remember when we watched that random documentary about Japan and they were eating those weird bugs and insects? People all around the globe have different preferences so it is totally fine with people eating insects or you know other weird food combinations.

That narwhal’s story also mentioned about how they were caught and served, right? So, narwhals are huge! The hunter picks up his harpoon and aims for his target and in a split second the narwhal is in their possession. They don’t use a rifle, only a harpoon with two heads and one bladder.

Also, seals are hunted in Greenland and like how can they possibly eat seals? But you know what, I am really against the idea of animal hunting as it leads extinction of endangered animals.

Do you know that the great white shark and the hammerhead shark are harpooned in Iceland? It’s probably very hard to catch them, right? I saw it in that game too, that… ‘Assassins Creed Black Flag’. That was so cool!

People not only eat these delicacies but also enjoy it as a sport. Remember, the hunting of seals, that is a famous sport in Greenland. Also, harpooning of sharks is a very fun activity and the hunters really enjoy it. Isn’t that amazing?

Hunting and fishing are a very common activity and considered a sport. We should actually go for fishing soon. What do you say?

Okay Lily, I hope you fine this letter informative. I really hope we meet soon, girl! I miss you.

Give my regards to your adorable little brother, John.

Lots of love,