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‘Emergency Medical Rescue’ by Fatima Malik

‘Emergency Medical Rescue’ by Fatima Malik
She loved cookies more than life.

She loved cookies more than life.

“Felicity! Wake Up!!”

I fell out of my bed at the sound of my name being screamed by a male voice. I dashed out of my room still in my pajamas towards the source of the mayhem. As I was about to enter, Leah, my roommate’s room, my eyes fell on the cupboard lying flat on the floor in our dining room. Next to the mahogany cupboard stood our co-worker, Louis, with his blue eyes wide at the sight in front of us. How did I not hear the cupboard fall during my sleep?
“How did this happen? Where is Leah?” I asked.

“Lea…h…Leah,” he pointed towards the ground.

As my eyes followed to where his fingers were pointed, I went into a state of shock, as I saw Leah’s arm and hand with the familiar red painted nails showing from underneath the cupboard.

“It was an accident, help me push the cupboard off,” Louis said with nervousness evident in his voice.

I pushed the thoughts of her being seriously injured to the back of my mind and helped Louis. Using all the strength I had in my body, Louis and I, were finally able to remove the cupboard off of Leah’s petite frame. Her eyes were shut and there were no signs of breathing. I quickly checked her pulse which was still beating, she had only fainted! God, she scared me.

“Quick! Grab my car keys. We need to get her to the hospital!” I screamed at Louis, feeling bad for him.

Finding my nearest shoes, I wore them and Louis and I quickly rushed towards the entrance with Leah in our arms. Getting into the car, my hands shivered as I tried to put the key inside. Finally after being able to bring the car to life, I drove like there was no tomorrow.

Entering the hospital’s emergency, two nurses with a stretcher ran towards us. Taking Leah out of the back seat, they rushed her towards the entrance. Louis and I made our way towards the waiting area when he finally said,
“She climbed on the top to get cookies.”

This made me laugh till my stomach hurt at my best friend who loved cookies more than life.