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Dialogue: Write a dialogue between a mother and daughter regarding prom and its relevant extravagance. By Abubakr Faisal

  1. Write a dialogue between a mother and daughter regarding prom and its relevant extravagance. In your dialogue include the following:
  • The importance of prom
  • Its extravagance
  • Affiliation of teenagers with prom

Mother: (angry, red in the face) You cannot go to this prom and that’s final!

Daughter: (going red) Why don’t you let me? What is the problem with me going to the prom? All my     friends are going and as far as I know, none of them had this argument with their mothers!

Mother: (sighs) You are different from your friends. And besides we’re going to the ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood Party’ tomorrow, at the Smiths place.

Daughter: (shouting in temper) I don’t want to go to a grown-ups party! None of my friends will be there! All of them will be at the prom!

Mother: (breaths deeply) Why is this prom so important to you?

Daughter: (sighs and goes red in the face) There’s this boy I like, Trevor. He….he asked me to go to the prom with him and of course, I said yes. Mom….no listen! I’ve liked this boy since grade 3 and now I finally have the chance to be with the man of my dreams….

Mother: (giggling) And why don’t I know of this Trevor character?

Daughter: (blushing) I didn’t want you to about him unless he asked me out so….

Mother: But even then, I don’t know if I can let you go.

Daughter: (sighing) Mom, this prom, it shows how mature you are and how much control you have over your life. This is why it is important. (Blushing again) And the reason….

Mother: (feeling temper rising) But it’s way too expensive! The dresses are expensive, as well as the shoes! I think its pointless because of it’s extravagance. Yes it is very extravagant. And the way I see it, you’ve got to spend a lot of money to make an impression on the other guy. I don’t have money for-

Daughter: (cuts in angrily) But don’t you see? I can wear your old dress that you wore when you went to the prom with Dad!

Mother: (suspicious) How do you know about that?

Daughter: (staring at the floor) I went through your drawer. Found pictures of you and Dad. That’s hw you met, right?

Mother: (sighs) Yes. That’s how me and your Dad met. It was a wonderful night. I still remember it so well. (Lost in thought) I still remember how your Dad muddled up out orders at Big Belly Burgers. (Giggles)

Daughter: But can’t I have the same night as you? You went to it and now you’re stopping me from going. I already said yes to Trevor, you know? I’ve loved him practically my whole life. And this prom was the only chance I had….

Mother: Okay. You can go and you can wear my old dress t the prom. I’m pretty sure that it would fit you.

Daughter: (crying happily, hugs her mother) I love you sometimes, did you know?


Dialogue Writing Write a dialogue between a mother and her daughter regarding prom. By Areesha Fatima


Dialogue Writing

  1. Write a dialogue between a mother and her daughter regarding prom and its relevant, needless extravagance.
  • Importance of prom
  • Its extravagance
  • Affiliation of teenagers with prom.


The following dialogue is between a mother and a daughter regarding the extravagance of prom.

Mom: What’s the matter with you?

Daughter: What do you mean? Where is my dress?

Mom: Dress…which dress?

Daughter: PROM DRESS, duh! (eye-roll)

Mom: Oh, darling! It’s at the laundromat.

Daughter: Mom! You were supposed to get it!

Mom: Okay, calm down. I’ll call the driver to get it in a jiffy.

Daughter: Whatever… I don’t even feel like going now.

Mom: Sweetie, it is prom! The day you have been waiting for your whole life. Remember when you used to dress up as a child and wait for your imaginary boyfriend? Hahaha, good old days!

Daughter: Ugh…stop embarrassing me, mom!

Mom: You know that this is your last year of high school, so enjoy! This day will never come again. You’ll be going to a university after this so go and have fun at prom. (patting her on the shoulder)

Daughter: Okay mom.

Mom: That’s like a good girl.

*doorbell rings*

Mom: Oh yes, your dress is here!

Daughter: Thank goodness.

Mom: Wow, it is beautifulll! (as she opens the packaging)

Daughter: Turquoise! Ahh, my favorite color. Love it!

Mom: Darling, I am just so happy for you. Mommy’s big girl! (kisses her on the cheek)

Daughter: Mommm, stop! I am eighteen years old. An adult! Not a baby!

Mom: …but you’ll always remain my baby. Do you know that my prom was perfect? I miss it.

Daughter: Oh yeah, explain more mom.

Mom: The lighting, chandeliers, décor, dresses…everything was perfect.

Daughter: Wow! Mine will be great too.

Mom: Yes, darling, hopefully.

Daughter: I want food and my boyfriend is here!

Mom: Bye sweetie!