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Comparison Question: Moving to another country by Ilsa Tariq

I chose Text Two because it gives a very descriptive view of what it feels like to reside in a foreign country. The writer has used the ethos technique to sway the reader on feeling the same misery as the writer, for example, “I felt naked, if not stripped bare.” The reason for the writer to use this technique is to emphasise on the character’s situation and what they are going through.

Another reason I chose this text is because it provides us with both the benefits and the cons of living abroad. The positivity in the passage does not only overshadow the hurdles of living away from your country but also lifts up the energy of the reader, for example, ” A landscape so white, so pure, could only dazzle us, blind us, intoxicate us.” The writer through such techniques intends to excite the readers and bring out the pros of the situations that can seem difficult to cope with otherwise.

On the other hand, the reason I did not chose Text One is because it is more of a narration than the idea to what it is like living abroad. The writer is giving an outline of his experience which can often uninterested readers, for example, “They spent the evening in the hotel room.” Such trivial details do not matter to the reader and can intend to bore the them.

Comparison Question: Which text is more successful in showing what it is like to move to a different country? You may choose either Text One or Text Two, but you must explain your choice carefully. By Zaina Shahab


I believe Text Two, as compared to Text One, is more successful in showing what it is like to move to a different country. The purpose of Text Two is to entertain, as well as to inform the reader of what it is like to be a refugee and move to a completely foreign country. For e.g. “In the airport, I was surprised by all the unfamiliar sounds that greeted us and the strange food”. The intended of this purpose is to involve the reader on an emotional level and show him what it is like to move to a different country.


In Text Two, the writer uses a variety of figures of speech, such as similes, metaphors and personification, which make the text more interesting. For e.g. “A landscape so white, so pure, could only dazzle us, blind us, intoxicate us”, “Like a mother duck, she walked ahead of us”. By using this technique, the writer intends to keep the reader involved in the story till the very end.


Text One, though an effective story including dialogues, fails to impact the audience as strongly as Text Two. Written in third person, Text One does not seem to involve the reader as much as Text Two, which is written in first person. For e.g. “Alem thought it was all very bizarre”.

Comparison Question: Moving to another country by Esha Anjum Khan


Text one and two focus on the difficulties faced by people who move to different countries as refugees, in their childhood. As they are children, there are many questions in their mind regarding the environment of the different countries.


I like Text One ,” Refugee Boy” which is written by “Benjamin Zephaniah”. I like Text one better as it gives the description of everything which will or would seem unusual to a new boy. For example, ” It was so straight and wide; the ride was so smooth, no potholes, no wild bends, just the sound of the engine.” It tells the feelings of a child who is new in the environment, “Alem thought it was a;; very bizarre.” The writer uses different types of adjectives to grasp the attention of the audience, “chilly October day, black taxi’s interior, damp strange smell etc.”. Text One can be associated with any kind of audience such as an article or even a book. The range of audience is very wide. It even provides information for its audience for example,” Marble Arch, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, The houses of Parliament and the Tower of London.”. The writer uses simple language for the people to understand.


Whereas Text Two does not have a detailed description of the refugee crises, although it emphasises on the feelings of the child it does not give a clear idea of the surroundings. It does not emphasise on the relief he got by changing his life. It even has a very vague ending, ” For a whole year, Granby represented heaven on Earth, I couldn’t imagine a better place in the world.”.Whereas it had to tell about its experience and how did he settle in anew world. The passage does not include a lot of adjectives and attention-grabbing words as well.


Therefore, I like Text One better then Text Two as it fills in every aspect of an article.Both poetry the same objective yet Text One has a better content.


Comparison Question: Moving to another country by Mustafa Rabbani


Both test one and text two seemed to express the feeling of moving to a different country very well if you ask me. They were both shown through the eyes of a child, which I felt was a different perspective.

Despite the quality of both texts I still feel as if text two conveyed the feeling of moving to a different country in a better manner. I especially like how in text two Kim explains the childs experience of the plane descending into the Mirabel airport and how he is amazing by the amount of snow, I was also fond of how the author described the sound and environment of the airport. For example: “When I saw my first snow banks through the porthole of the plane at Marbel Airport,” “In the aiport, I was surprised by all the unfamiliar sounds that greeted us and the strange food, yet I knew this was a plane of delights.” By reading these examples you can tell that Ru is amazed by the difference between Vietnam and Canada and that also in all perspectives.

The second reason why I chose this text was that the author explains what it was like for the child at school and how he was happily surrounded by colours, drawings etc. I also liked how the author described the language barrier and how Ru felt alienated when it came to speaking. For example: “the haven where we would be children again, simply children, surrounded by the colours, drawings, trivia,” and “My mother wanted me to learn French as fast as possible, English too, because my mother tongue had become useless.” These examples show how school was different from Vietnam and how language is a big part in moving to another country.

The reason why I did not choose text one was because although Alem was a refugee he did more sightseeing and moving around than a refugee would. For example, “In central London they boarded a sightseeing bus.” I felt as if Alem was a tourist and not a refugee. This text also did not explain how we went from day to day life.


Which text is more successful in showing what it is like to move to a different country? by Faryal Shuja


I believe Text Two, “Ru” by Kim Thuy is far more successful at showing what it is like to move to a different country. I feel this for  number of reasons, the first being the use of various literary techniques. An example of this is: “dazzle us, blind us, intoxicate us”. The use of tripilism highlights the authors point, and allows the reader to feel the emotions of the writer. The writer also uses extremely strong and emotive language, for example: “I felt naked, if not stripped bare”. The use of strong words such as “naked” and “bare” evokes an immediate response within the reader, allowing them to truly feel what the author is feeling, and therefore they know what it is like to move to a different country, therefore making Text Two more successful.
Secondly, the author writes in first person, and shares extremely personal experiences. Throughout, we also know how the writer feels at every moment, so it is as if we, the readers, are also going through the same emotions and hardships. Two prime examples of this are: “I knew this was a place of delights” and “I couldn’t imagine a better place on earth”. The use of first person and “I” creates a closeness between the reader and writer. This makes the reader pictures the all the scenarios, and feel all the emotions present. This ability to provoke emotions, and create imagery makes Text Two superior to Text One, as it successfully shows the reader what it is like, and all the different emotions and events involved in moving to a new, or different country.


I chose Text One, “Refugee Boy” by Benjamin Zephaniah as less successful for one main reason: the disconnect between the author and reader, as well as the lack of imagery. The writing is written in third person, and it does not do much to connect with the reader. There are no strong, or emotive words, no imagery, and the sentences are short, and choppy. Examples of this are: “His father smiled.” and “The taxi pulled up outside the hotel”. The author is simply describing events that take place, and does not show any depth to the main character, Alem at all. The thoughts and feelings of Alem are not fully explored, and instead simple sentences are used such as: “Alem loved the excitement of being out so late”. This does not allow the reader to understand, or feel what it is like to move to a new country, thus making Text One far less successful at conveying what it is like to move to a new country.