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Q. You are a reporter and have been asked to write a newspaper report on the latest research on protecting the environment. In your report include the following: .Why protecting the environment is important .Why people might be concerned .How they can be involved Think carefully about the purpose of your report and the audience for whom it is intended. By Maham Ali


Unite for the Planet

The following report discusses the recent activities that have been carried out inorder to protect the planet as well as the reasons that have led to this destruction.

Date:10th Febuary 2020

Author: Maham Ali

In a recent study it has been investigated that on average more than half of the activities carried out by the society leads to the exploitation of the environment. Such activities include deforestation, grazing , urbanization and industrialization. Most of these activities lead to excessive amounts of pollution hence causing damage to the enivornment.

Based on the latest research it is highly important to protect the enivornment. Further investigations concluded that cutting of trees on average leads to excessive release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It has also been reported that sewage is not properly disposed and such waste matter runs off in rivers and streams blocking the flow of water and collecting in rivers resulting in a decrease in fish life.

Protecting the environment is also important since it is a home to abundant species and has now resulted in a loss of habitat. As mentioned earlier since the water is being polluted by waste matter in the future there might not be clean drinking water for humanity. Which is why protecting the environment is highly important.

Based on the national surveys carried out there were a number of concerns for people. 5 percent of the students purposely avoid proper disposal of rubbish. Another survey stated that people are open to protecting the environment but refuse to pay a cost to do so.

Another thing of concern is the lack of interest of the government in protecting the environment. It was reported that burning of fuel leads to the atmosphere being warmer resulting in climate change and global warming which in return leads to melting of glaciers, sea levels rising and destruction of habitats.

Psychology Professor at San Diego State university claimed that the fire in Australia were a result of severe water shortages and extreme heat. The main culprit was global warming and humanity. This is something people should be concerned about.

Most common question asked is how to stop such destruction. The answer is to get involved in this campaign to stop such atrocious events. People can practice the ‘3RS’ ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

Extensive government programs can be carried out to stop deforestation and give proper land to farmers so they limit the use of harmful chemicals. In Pennsylvania students are spreading awareness on this issue hoping to bring a suitable change.

Simon Snow started a campaign to save the rare Spirit Bear and many people have partnered up with non Govermental Organizations to bring a suitable change and get involved.


Official Report: Malala Yusafzai’s Speech at the UN By Eman Shahid


To: John Bradley

From: Eman Shahid

Date: 30th January 2020

Subject: Malala Yousufzias 2013 speech to the UN general assembly



This report is to state that Malala Yousufzia, on July 2013, delivered a speech to the United Nations general assembly in New York discussing her experience with the Taliban and further expanding upon her future life in accordance with the previously stated experience. Within her speech she stated her obvious views, as well as her momentary occupation as a child rights activist which will be further elaborated upon in the coming paragraphs.


Following is the background of Malala Yousufzia:

  1. She was born in a small village in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa into a below average class family of four. She grew up in an area where education was scarce, I believe the addressee is aware of the social conditions of small communities hovering above the poverty line and how boys are favored within these households as well as he fact that factory work income is preferred over education and schooling. Tis view enabled malala to recognize and solidify her morals from an early age.
  2. The threat of the Taliban was looming over her country since early 2007, and in 2012 they started active persecution and opposition against her fellow Pakistanis.
  3. During 2012, when Malala Yousufzia was boarding a bus, the vehicle was raided by a subsector of the Taliban. There she was shot in the head. She was then rushed to a hospital in London for immediate treatment as treatment in her home country –Pakistan- had failed to show results. She addresses his event in her 2013speech as she states “strength, power, and courage was born.”


Her objectives had been made clear in her speech as she had elaborated upon the following:

  1. Malala was an enthusiastic activist in women’s education as where she lived education had been is important that the addressee be aware that education for girls in that area was only permitted till the age of 8. She had stated in her speech “we want schools and education for every child’s bright future”. The addressee must be aware about the fact that her devotion to the cause extended not only to her immediate surroundings- but she believed that education should be available for “the sons and daughters of the Taliban and the terrorists and the extremists”
  2. Hand in hand with education, Malala also contributed to children’s rights through her preachment of children’s and girl’s education. The idolized society of her youth believed that a child’s only purpose in life was to work and support his immediate family and to not pursue something after that. Malala believed that those children should be given a valid choice and not be deprived of their basic human right. To further this point she states in her speech, “education is the only solution”.


These objectives have been met with unwavering support from the international community who have helped her to achieve strides for her cause. Naturally, the abundance of schools and hospitals are concentrated in her home country of Pakistan. She has also made efforts to expand her journey for rights and education to the US and UK, as well as to neighboring states of Iran and Afghanistan which lie adjacent to Pakistan. Some projects that she has helped to develop\make\fund are:

  1. The Yousufzia hospital in northern Pakistan, with a twin hospital located in the UK, London.
  2. The ‘MYE’ (Malala Yousufzias educational institute) in Khyber Pakhtoon khwa.
  3. She has funded many madrassas across Pakistan to expand their curriculum and reach.


Malala Yousufzia is also investing in future efforts held by mainly the united nations health organization including an international center specifically allocated to sufferers of war torn states and abuse.

The addressee is suggested to attentively read over the contents of this report for a greater and more through understanding of Malala Yousufzias 2013 speech. It is hoped that the addressee finds the above information relevant and useful and uses it to further the cause at hand.

‘Official report: The development of money’By Hamza Khalid


To: Hamza (sociology professor)

From: Hamza Khalid

Date: Thursday, 26th January, 2017

Subject: Development of money

This is to state that this report is about the transformation and consideration of money and how it has been used throughout time. And this report is to highlight its transformation and development.

It is thought that money is life because everything you need in life is bought by money. Nothing in this world is free even a clean water is not free. It is also true that money cannot bring success but success bring money.

If you ask the people, what is money? They will simply answer you that money is cash, credit cards and cheques.

Following are its forms:

1)      Amber

2)      Beads

3)      Cowrie

4)      Shells

A)     Perhaps, the oldest form of money is livestock and plant products, cattle’s and grains were very common. The other and very important form of money which was used by Chinese was cowrie shells. Slowly and gradually the development started coming and money come with metals including metal tools and metal jewelry.

B)     Eventually of course, in Lydia metal coins made of silver and gold were unrented which became lastingly popular. It was adopted by ancient Greeks states where banking transaction were carried out.

Today, eventually of course, money comes in coins and bank notes. Both paper currency as well as coins are in circulation. We all should thank to ‘Gutenberg’ for inventing the printing press which made the production of paper currency.

‘REPORT WRITING’ by Daniyal Durrani


To:    Mark Zuckerberg



From: Daniyal Durrani


Froebel’s international.

Date: 25th February` 2016

Subject: Report on the analysis of the popularity of Facebook.

This report is an analysis of the popularity of Facebook, which will include statistics, critics’ views in terms of its effect and its effects at the international level.

Facebook is part of everyone’s daily lives. Over the years, although the features have improved and have become more user friendly, there are several risks or as computer experts might refer to them as ‘viruses’. The following are some of the recent findings regarding Facebook:

  • Many links are posted daily on Facebook that trick users to click on them, which then directs them to malicious websites. A large amount of these websites have hidden viruses that happen to severely affect the users’ device or their personal information.
  • Unknown individuals create fake profiles of people and use false information to ‘catfish’ others for many reasons. This can cause invasion of privacy and could possibly result in serious emotional harm.
  • False profiles are also used in order to trick friends of a particular individual to provide them with crucial/sensitive information. People that may hold a grudge against you or dislike you usually do this.
  • Around 59% of the users of Facebook have reported that they happen to procrastinate due to over usage of Facebook. Major portions of these people are teenagers and young adults who are distracted from their responsibilities. Millions of people fall victim to this every week.

Following are the suggestions we gathered from a recent survey.

  • Facebook can develop a firewall that blocks out the viruses and keeps the users safe from hacks or cybercrime. If some viruses happen to bypass the firewall, they should immediately be removed.
  • Facebook should strongly encourage all of its users to occasionally update the information related to their profiles. As much as possible, precise and correct information should be recorded to avoid anyone from creating false profiles, which can be of harm to others.
  • To reduce the over usage of the website, Facebook should introduce a new feature that reminds people to take a break from the website, if they are seen to be excessively using it and do what is important, frequently. This would assist the users to balance out their lives.

I hope this report does come of use in the near future and would assist you in further improving the website which is, predominantly, the ruling social media website/application.

Word count: 415

‘Official Report’ by Maheen Khan


To: Mark Zuckerberg

CEO, Facebook

From: Maheen Khan

Date: 24/2/16

Heading: Analysis of the population of Facebook

This is to state the analytic view of the growing popularity of Facebook. Facebook has turned into a phenomenon and many people have become addicts of this web. People are becoming fake on these websites and have started to make fake profiles. This is to inform that a few months ago my identity was stolen by a user called “Diesal Pointer”. It was informed to me of this fake profile by one of my friends. This user is said to be from the Maldives but as my identity is from Pakistan, It seems wrong that someone from Maldives would like to steal my profile.

This report is directed to the negative effect of Facebook. In fact, Facebook nowadays is a breeding ground for most of the terror groups to contact and plan out things enlisting these problems down

  1. Facebook is a cynical publicity and marketing tool.
  2. A playground of popularity contest causing insecurity to some people.
  3. Causing misconceptions throughout different International level friends.

Therefore, this incident recommends leveling up your security level.

It is hoped that this report affects the likeliness of Facebook and makes people’s perspective change of the way they see online websites unsafe.