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Leaflet: Q).You are a marketing manager and have been asked to create a leaflet advertising sport. In your leaflet include the following: what is the purpose of the project/ what are its features/ what do researchers say. Think carefully about the purpose your leaflet and the audience for whom it is intended. By: Maham Ali


Black and Brave wrestling academy.

Black and Brave wrestling academy is a wrestling institution designed to teach people aged 18 years and above all wrestling techniques.

The Program:

  1. Black and Brave wrestling academy is a national program owned by professional wrestler Seth Rollins.
  2. The purpose of this program is to spread awareness about the importance of fitness and health.
  3. The program aims at making people tolerant to pain and teach them self defense.
  4. The program targets at spreading awareness about drug abuse and focus more on staying fit and healthy.
  5. The sessions mostly involve wrestling coaching and practice. It also includes workshops on healthy eating, to stay away from steroids for artificial muscle and fat.
  6. It enables people to stay fit in a natural and healthy way and help them to body build under professional supervision.


  1. Black and Brave wrestling academy holds sessions from Tuesday to Fridays personally conducted by Seth Rollins.
  2. The program owns a personal ring including personal coaches and teach wrestling techniques.
  3. Seth Rollins, gives an in depth lecture about wrestling and how it can be used for self -defense. He also teaches the members his finisher and signature moves.
  4. It keeps people busy in the evenings when they might be on the streets getting in trouble.
  5. The authorities and coaches better understand and react to the issues faced by people and help them in self-defense to fight against these issues.
  6. The program is also an influential way of delivering important messages.


  1. Researchers say wrestling encourages positive relationships with adult mentors and develop confidence, aspirations and skills to help people.
  2. It is scientifically proven that fitness leads to a better and healthy life.
  3. It allows people to meet other professional wrestlers like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Roman Reigns and talk about their wrestling techniques and learn from the absolute best.
  4. Garcia reported she has never seen her son in such good condition and learning different techniques.
  5. Bob Arno also stated that Black and Brave wrestling academy is a good source of learning defense and survival skills.
  6. Most importantly it encourages people to think about their future, lead a happy healthy life with professional coaching and learn something they can use in future.

Register Now!

Contact detail

Phone: 112 4679

Email: Black and Brave wrestling academy @ gmail.com


Leaflet: The United Minority Club! By NoorulAin Saif 10B


Leaflet by NoorulAin Saif 10B

The United Minority Club!

Are you facing difficulty in settling down after newly migrating? Do you feel like an odd one out in a foreign society? Well, no need to fret, because our club will help you out of the dark.

Our club aims to make minorities feel at home in a place completely unfamiliar to them. America is a big country and we will help in finding hidden opportunities here and look at the better side of your transition, ignoring the negativity.

What to expect?

Starting off, your first few days in a new community would bring you various attitudes and unfamiliar actions.  Soon you’ll settle in, pop your minority bubble and become aware that there is a new world out there other than your home country and its worth exploring. However, you may need to expect the following:

  • Glaring eyes at your, comparatively different, cultural appearance. Your facial features, sense of clothing and most importantly your accent may be admired or even ridiculed. Therefore, it would again be better to ignore the negativity and look at the bright side; you are unique!
  • Locals asking you questions about your appearance and wrongly assuming your ethnicity; basically treating you like a new and unrecognizable creature.
  • Some racist people avoiding you and having unwelcoming attitudes; remember not to let them get to you.
  • Not being able to find the perfect, welcoming and friendly group of friends, which is why we are here to help you!
  • Finding people with unusual family backgrounds, don’t feel complex by them, you’re your own kind of unique.

What are the differences?

Different countries mean different traditions, cultures and cuisines. The differences are uncanny in every aspect of two countries so you may face the following:

  • As usual as this is, you may encounter difference in attitudes and upbringing, for example all of you newly migrated teenagers might feel complex by the preferences of your new friends that may not be acceptable in your traditions, like going out at late hours and attending big parties. In such a case, you shouldn’t feel discouraged by such actions and feel pride in your unique identity, which our club will help you in widely.
  • Secondly, another difference you will face is the difference in cuisines. You may not find your favorite cultural food in a small state and that’s why our group hosts an all you can eat culture party!
  • Again, where once in your previous school an ordinary classmate, you will now be the attraction of the party. It’s good to take this advantage of ‘glaring eyes’ and make more friends.
  • You must, however, stay vigilant as everyone is different in a new environment, so surely be nice to everyone but don’t trust all.

What are the opportunities?

The best part about migrating is the open door to a gallery of opportunities! There would be a lot of people in your home town who would love to migrate and avail opportunities missing in their region, so consider yourself ‘the chosen one’.

  • You can find a whole lot of opportunities to develop your interests and avail chances of attending sports events, art competitions, camping adventures, all according to your interests.
  • America has one of the best universities in the whole world, with schools giving you loads of opportunities and a high level (and affordable) education.
  • As a large country, America has a great deal of job opportunities that are vast and satisfy almost every interest to exist.
  • Not only this, our country has one of the best recreational activities and sites like amazing theme parks, panic rooms, racing tracks and Disneyland!

So, in conclusion, we understand adapting to a new country is difficult but it’s worth it! Things that you once resented, you’d start loving them. As a club, we pledge to make all of our members to feel at home and feel grateful for a transition in their homeland.

If our approach satisfies you, call now at +823145693 and register to have a great time every week in the company of our friendly group. We look forward to welcome you to our community and bond with you to our fullest.

Email: minorityunited@gmail.com

Contact number: +823145693


Leaflet: Moving to a new country. By Areesha Fatima



  1. Imagine that you have recently moved to a new country and there you are a minority. Write a leaflet for other people of minority groups that would help ease their transition. Include:
  • What to expect
  • What are the differences
  • What are the opportunities


From One Minority to Another

How to protect the rights of minorities?

This leaflet is a source of guidance for minorities to ease their transition.


Firstly, minorities should expect:

  • Racial discrimination.
  • People belonging to diverse cultures.
  • A feeling of being isolated or alienated.
  • Disagreements and misconceptions based on differences.
  • Different lifestyles and routines.

Furthermore, the differences are:

  • A slight or huge difference in the accent and/or language.
  • Religious, cultural and social sacraments may differ.
  • Food, beverages and cuisines are different in every country.
  • You may experience unusual customs and rituals.
  • There will be a difference in the way people think, their opinions and choices.

Along with this, there are many opportunities:

  • Better educational institutes (schools, colleges and universities)
  • A source of better and certain wages with job opportunities.
  • Discovering new places and learning about the country’s history.
  • A productive way of learning new languages and accents.
  • Noticeable improvements in the field of tourism.
  • A new country will be a great source of employment.
  • Better health care facilities and services.
  • An opportunity to explore different lifestyles and experience the pros and cons of living in a new country as a minority.

Moving on, after a survey, it is shown that many minorities encourage living in new countries. This would help in improving communication and expressing skills as this experience is one in a lifetime. A healthy environment will be established and most importantly, the rights of minorities will also be protected.

This further leads to:

  • A peaceful and prosperous and society.
  • Foreign exchange
  • Improves worldly and international relations and affairs.
  • Freedom of speech and a healthy environment.
  • Developing language skills and building a personality.

For further details,

Contact: 0322 5924873

Email: xyz@gmail.com

Website: minorities.com

Call now!


Leaflet: Why Teens should be Happy? by Nooh Adnan


Happy huggers

Turn that frown upside down!

Learn how important being happy is and why people experience it


Although it may seem clearly straight forward, not a lot of today’s adolescents understand the concept of happiness. That is why it is our primary objective here at happy huggers to spread joy among the anti-social depressed teens of today.


Importance of happiness for teens:

Despite the fact that teenagers are a part of an age group who are maturing, and experiencing a new sudden wave of depression, unhappiness and a general “sick of everything” attitude; truth is that more carefree and happier teens seem to be able to gain more success than their counterparts. Not only at school with academic and social successes, but also later on at life by maintaining a positive outlook at life and never giving up. It is why we do what we do, to ensure a happy life for our applicants.

A number of studies, from numerous sources, agree with our claim and have concluded the following:

  • Studies by the university of Warwick detail how happier teens make more income by the time they reach their 30’s and those who could not gain as much success were simply grateful with what they already had and were willing to put more effort to gain the reward.


  • In a test taken by University of London, results show how happier teens get up to 30% higher in tests and overall grades.


  • Research at Wharton business school show how happier teens are more likely to overperform in what they choose to do, because they choose what they are happy doing.


  • There are over hundreds of studies across the globe that suggest that teens who are happier are also healthier, with a happier person experience a 27% decrease in risk of cardiovascular diseases and end up living longer


  • Depressed teens make others around them feel uncomfortable around them which lead to them becoming anti-social. Happier teens on the other hand bring joy to the people around them, even if they don’t realize it, which is why they are more likely to make friends in any situation.


What makes people happy?

Happiness isn’t an equation of math to solve, or a push of a button that can change your emotions and cure you of depression. Obtaining happiness is a long and insightful journey where changes inside of you will be subtle. We cannot grant you happiness, but we can give you the means of earning it. As Aristotle says, “the purpose of the human life is to find happiness, a journey that cannot be walked in a night”.

However, here are some tips and advice that we offer new members in their journey to find joy.


  • Be Grateful:

According to research conducted by a psychology teacher at California State University – Prof. Harold Jenkins – which confirms that teens who are grateful, are also substantially happier. This is why we daily spend time doing activities that invoke this feeling from within us.

A routine, 45 min long consists of us sharing all the things in life we are grateful for. Later on, we encourage our participants to write every new thing they are grateful for in a small journal for them to reflect on, even if there are only one or two entries, it is a step forward.


  • Happier, healthier:

We claimed before that being happier makes it more likely that you are healthier. The fact remains constant vice versa as well. People who smoked or drank alcohol faced more social stress than those who didn’t. Apart from that, a lot of teens suffer from over-eating in situations where they feel stressed. This is why one of the first things we like to suggest to new members is to stay healthy and eat nutritious food to keep their body happy.


  • Ditch the screen, switch to the pitch:

Teens who participated in vigorous outdoor activities were happier than their peers who didn’t. Likewise, those who stayed at home all day log involved in social media and were exposed to the unruly side of the internet showed more signs of depression. Parts of this “unruly side” mainly consisted of depressing posts and rants that hide the better aspects of the internet. This was true even for online video games where “toxic” gamers made fun and harassed others who were not as experienced at the game.


What makes people unhappy?

Here at Happy Huggers we try our level best to create a positive environment for people in our program by making sure to eliminate any problematic causes for being unhappy. We tend to take care about the following aspects to remove obstacles that candidates may face in their journey to achieve happiness, such as:


  • A broken home:

More often than not, most of the reasons that people experience sadness is partly because of stressful environments at their own home. While homes are meant to be a safe-haven, for some people it is a prison where they are being tortured instead of treated. This is exemplified mostly in teens who feel like nobody cares about them or that they are just lose weight, weighing everyone down and that parents and teachers are always “telling them off”. Parents need to be supportive and make sure that their child is being nurtured with care.


  • School:

Perhaps the main reason that students envy school so much is because of what they have to deal with there. Bullying is an issue that 55% of students have to face at school. Apart from this pressure dealt on them via studying for not getting perfect grades or not doing “the best they can” is another issue about happiness in teens. Our environments try to avoid the negative energy of a basic classroom and instead try to replace it with positive vibes.


  • Overthinking the situation:

By the tome a child reaches the age of 14, their brains have developed enough o be able to reflect on themselves and their lives. Sometimes however, they overdo it. By emphasizing negative emotions and focusing on anger, sadness and frustration, teens forget the better parts of their lives. We encourage our candidates to slow down and to invest their brain power into a more fruitful activity rather than self-pity.


  • Not feeling the love:

Studies show how physical content, such as hugging can be extremely useful for teens who wish to be happy. It doesn’t matter who it is coming from, but hugs seem to boost a person’s happiness and the brains supply of danophone (the drug in our brain that gives us the feeling of happiness) by over 25%. Teens need 8 hugs a day to function according to multiple studies, however not all students meet these requirements. It is why we call ourselves the “Happy Huggers”, and it is our goal to share this belief all over the world.


Where do I sign up?

If you feel like you could benefit from our program and if you would wish to participate in our dozens of activities, then please refer to our links down below where if you wish, we can advise and suggest you plans for a happier tomorrow.


Contact us at:

Phone number:  069 4206469                                        Post Box: 547862

Fax: 84654 867857                                                           Email: HappyHugs@runningoutofideas.com

YouTube: The Happiest Huggers ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ )

Twitter: @happyhugs