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Book Share/Report


First Term Book share list

  1. A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens
  2. Fellowship of the Ring, J.R. Tolkien
  3. The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank
  4. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Sean Covey
  5. Pygmalion, G. Bernard Shaw
  6. 5 Essays of Francis Bacon


  1. Select a group to be a part of
  2. Select a (one) book from the above list
  3. The entire group will read the chosen book
  4. The group will decide whether they wish to do a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (ppt.) or wishes to create a video (mp4) on the book
  5. The group to read the whole book, word to word
  6. The presentation or the video to include the elements that are provided in the rubric below
  7. The presentation or video to be handed over in a USB/CD by October 27, 2016. Possible softwares include Microsoft PowerPoint and PowToon.
  8. The group of students is not to plagiarize from any source for their book report. In case help is taken from other sources, these sources or help should be clearly cited in a slide titled ‘bibliography/sources’. In case teacher feels that content is plagiarized or (overdue) external help is taken, Teacher may choose to do negative marking.
  9. Professional movie cameras or mobile phones are not allowed. Video has to be created through video making softwares available online like movie maker and Powtoon.
  10. Sample for video book share is available at: Book Share Video
  11. Presentation not to exceed 25 slides and video not to exceed 2 minutes
  13. After submission, Students will be required to present their project in class.
  14. Good luck and happy reading!



Student: _______________________________             Date: _______________________

Book/Movie Title: ____________________________________________________________

Did the student do the following?

How well did the student do it?

(4-5 points)                     (2-3 points)                    (0-1 points)

Did the student use the correct format for the book share?

PowerPoint (ppt.)

Video (mp4)

The book share was formatted correctly based on the project selected. The book share had some of the correct formatting, but there were missing parts. The book share was not correctly formatted
Were the writing and ideas clear and well developed? The writing and ideas were clearly explained and developed with support. The writing and/or ideas were sometimes unclear and/or poorly supported. The writing and/or ideas were hard to understand and/or unsupported.
Did the student discuss the genre? The student identified the genre and explained why it fits that genre. The student identified the genre, but did not give a clear explanation of it. The student did not identify the genre.
Did the student discuss the main character(s)? The student gave a clear, detailed description of the main character(s). The student discussed the main character(s), but the description was not clear or detailed. The student did not discuss the main character(s).
Did the student discuss the setting? The student gave a clear, detailed description of when and where the story took place. The student discussed the setting, but it was not very clear or detailed. The student did not discuss the setting.
Did the student discuss the plot? The student discussed the plot clearly and made it interesting. The student discussed the plot, but it was not very clear or interesting. The student did not discuss the plot completely.
Did the student analyze the book/movie, giving his/her opinion of it? The student analyzed the book/movie and provided logical and clear support for his/her analysis and opinion. The student gave an analysis and opinion of the book/movie, but did not provide clear and logical support. The student did not give an analysis or opinion for the book/movie.

Oral presentation: 5 marks

Total Score:        / 40