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‘LOST’ by Abdullah Shahzad


A DAY BEFORE, I was hunting for some good, scary creepy pastas on the internet to satisfy the horror fanatic inside of me. Now, creepy pastas are imaginary urban legends made by anonymous users on the internet. They are mostly written to spread false rumors about supernatural and for the most part; a good scare. I eventually stumbled upon a creepy pasta entitled, “Slenderman”. It was a story about a thin, tall, human-like figure with unusually long arms and a blank face, omitted from all human, facial features. It also has large tentacles penetrating from its back and it appeared to wear a suit and a tie.

After giving the creepy pasta a good read, I fell asleep on the computer desk, as it was 1:00am in the morning. Suddenly, a cold wave of wing struck my face and I immediately sprang out of my chair. The window on the corner of my room was wide open. I walked towards it and as I peered out of the window, I felt my heart sink into the bottom of my chest. There I saw a tall, dark figure standing in the porch, looking at me expressionless, as if I was being watched by a being from hell. Fear overshadowed me and my body went numb. I was losing consciousness, and after a while, I finally gave in and collapsed.

After finally gaining consciousness, my eyes burst open and the first thing lire of sight were the trees smacking against each other, and all I could hear were the rustling of the leaves. The wind was howling malevolently and the hooting of the owls echoed across the forest. It was then when I saw that inhuman entity glaring at me from the distance like an owl stalking its prey at night.

I immediately got up and ran as fast as a cheetah, not caring about anything coming in my way. When I had run a good distance, I looked back and felt relieved. I had lost sight of it. This gave me a moment to ponder about my situation; I was lost in an unknown forest in the eerie darkness of the night with a supernatural being stalking me. Something struck my memory and I remembered what I had read about in the slenderman creepy pasta. It was said to abduct people, mostly children, by first stalking them in their homes and then abducting them.

Then, I saw it again, camouflaged in the trees and its tall, slender body looming over the trees. However, this time, I had the numbing feeling from before, but this time he dashed forward and ran towards my direction. The next thing I remember is waking up alongside the roadside filled with vehicles racing across it.

I stopped a taxi and told him to drop me home. To this day, I haven’t told anyone about this, however I feel like I should. This thing is not just a creepy pasta, it’s a real entity. I don’t know what it is or what its purpose is, or why did it spare me. But heed my warning:-



‘A Person Whom You Regard as a Misfit’ by Shehryar Mir


I glanced at him, the dark figure, flat, as if leaning down on the floor. His color seemed to be lighting down at the edges of his perimeter.

He changed shapes. One minute, he is as tall as a pole, and sometimes he is as small as a rubber ball. His body seemed unusual. One minute, he would be round. The next minute, he is a square. What is he?

He has no features. Like a plain black face, lying flat on the floor. The ebony colored figure leaves my proximity, and sometimes re-installs itself. Once, I remember, when I was a child I tried to explain it to him that he could not go after me like a hungry lion when I get out to play. After that, I realized he would peter away whenever I was indoors, or in the dark.

He mocks me. Till this very day, he does. At the very moment, as I write, he mimics me, as if it is his only job.

As I run after my life from this evil nightmare, I tell him to stop following me. But, he is not listening; that is because he simply cannot.

He cannot talk. He cannot whisper. He just leaves, copying me, as if he does not have a life of his own. I tried explaining this to the witty person he is, but his mental level is probably way to high, because he could not understand a word as to what I was saying.

 He is deaf. Yes. Smart? I do not know. Interesting? Yes. But, who is he? Why is he here? Why does he look like an evil monster? Why so de-shaped? Why?

He curls up behind me, at times, and surprises me. His outlines cannot be seen. Sometimes, he looks like truffles. Sometimes, I cannot even tell if he is around.

One day, I asked him what he was. He gave me an incredulous look and said, “I am your shadow.”