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‘Libraries-A Paradise of Knowledge’ by Azwa Azwa


Despite the growing belief that libraries are less significant, the vital importance of libraries cannot be looked down upon. Libraries, in simple words, are buildings which contain a large collection of books. They are very helpful for people of all ages; especially students.

There are a wide range of books available at the library. You will rarely be able to find such a large and diverse assortment of books in any one facility except a library. The books contain information and knowledge on a variety of subjects which can be useful for studying and researching purposes.

By visiting libraries frequently a love for reading develops; people are more likely to start reading due to the influence from their surroundings. Reading is a very beneficial habit and it should be inculcated in every individual. Moreover, libraries have contributed greatly towards bringing awareness on many issues; they have also played a major role in improving the literacy rate.

Libraries have a very calm, quiet and peaceful environment which promotes learning and reading. This environment helps people focus and improve concentration. It also encourages the absorption of information as there are less external distractions. This atmosphere also influences people, and helps develop an interest in reading.

Nowadays, there are also digital libraries. These libraries can be accessed easily and are very useful. Digital libraries are gaining more popularity then regular libraries as people are striving to become more technologically advanced.

The books available in the libraries range from simple picture books and magazines to informative and bulky encyclopedias. There are a wide variety of genres which appeal to a large audience. The genres can range from fantasy, fiction and mystery to non-fiction, science fiction and adventure.

Libraries are a paradise for knowledge and information. People who love reading will instantly find themselves at home and will be absorbed in reading books. Even people who do not like reading will soon find themselves to be readers. This serene environment can rarely be found elsewhere. Libraries are very essential and significant. This is an irrefutable and unchangeable fact.


‘Library- a place that keeps the soul running’ by Wishka Syed

Fellow readers! No one can understand the significance of a library except the dedicated readers; it is a safe haven for those who surround their world with books. However, what is the purport of the existence of libraries?

For starters, your souls feeds on books; this may sound like a cliche and out of our field of subject but, nevertheless is avowed; so where do souls wander for food? The answer for that is: libraries. Our starved souls yearn for the world of words, poetry, art and that world is found in libraries so how can one deny the conspicuous preponderancy of libraries.
For the people who are lacking the blessing of reading, libraries are a proficient resolution. One who visits libraries frequently develop the habit to read that may also be the repugnant, gray-haired woman behind those mammoth like glasses resting on her nose. The point is to advise, you can easily have excess to to books you desire to read and one round to a library might become a daily routine.
Since 1731, people’s lives have been promiscuous because of the creation of the first library ever. People no longer have to pay for books nor search for them and come to face the depression if they cannot find the book they sought after. A room full of books is another heaven for book lovers. Apart from all these advantages, libraries are a free resource to increase in the literacy rate. People can issue books as often as they want and it is guaranteed that all sorts of books will be available at a library. How propitious is a library for a university student. Not only can one look up books for thesis writing but also use the environment to their benefit.
It is pragmatic for one’s knowledge, as you can randomly walk in a library and be mesmerised by the stacking of the books, the attractive illustrations on the covers and the beautiful, yet witty titles. As you pick a book casually you realise just how much you have gained but that would not have happened if there was no library to begin with.
Libraries are also another source that one can escape to for fighting the traumatic beast called depression. One can soothe their self in the peace and equanimity of the surroundings of a library and lose themselves in the philosophy of books. Then how can one be ignorant to these reasons that will promote the importance of libraries.