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Paragraph Writing: Descriptive By Aaizah Tahir


Archetypes and Stereotypes

Emily sat at the square table in the library. She had a test coming up and so had all her math books spilled infront of her: geometry, algebra, graphs. She pushed her glasses back in place. They had slipped down as her head hung in stress. However, she wasnt worried about her math test. No, not at all. She was stressed cause she had messed up. Big time. Her anger issues had gotten out of hand and she had an outburst on her girlfriend – Amara. The worst one yet. It wasn’t her fault she had ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and couldn’t listen to anythign resembling a command. Amara had practically ordered her to go to that party with her; she knew Emily had a test coming up. Because of her disorder, Emily was filled with sudden rage, and stubbornly refused to go. And now, now guilt gnawed at every fibre of her being. Everyone expected her to be this calm girl with her nose always in a book, but she couldn’t help it. Why couldn’t they look past her appearance was a question she asked herself practically everyday. With newfound enthusiasm, she had decided what she needed to do. She would tell Amara about it. She would tell her about her disorder.