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‘My Favorite Hobby’ by Usman Zahid



Have you ever felt that feeling, when you want to talk to someone about your life? This is when my hobby comes in. Some people write journals, record video logs, etc. You can say my hobby is somewhat related to writing. But, it is much more.

I express my feelings with the help of the hip-hop genre a.k.a. ‘raps’. I cannot say for sure that my parents approve of this habit, but as I am the only boy in the family, I do not really have anyone to talk to. So, I put pen to paper and rhyme words.

I started to develop this habit, by listening to Marshal Mathers. He wrote raps to express his feelings.

You can say that my family is perhaps judgmental, because they are. And that is a firm fact, which I cannot deny. I collect my work in tin boxes and sometimes show to friends who would understand my side of the story.

I was told to express my feelings on writing, but plain and simple writing did not cut it for me.

For example: when someone judges me, I would write something like,

“Don’t ever try to judge me dude,

you don’t know what the hell I’ve been through.”

And when I do not want to talk to anyone I would write,

“When I walk in the club

All eyes are on me

So I try to avoid

Any eye contact,

Cause if I do that

It opens the door to con-ver-sa-tion

Like I want that!”
Or when I’m happy or in a playful mood I would make an alphabetical rhyme

“I find

Artificial artists

Acting always amusing

Actually atomizing

And abusing.”

So if there is anyone out there having a hard time, my advice to them is to put pen to paper and rhyme words. If it helps me, it might help you too.