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Word Wheel


word wheel

This word wheel helps describe people and their consequent emotions. It is a good source to avoid using generic terms as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in writing altogether.


‘A Love for Reading’ by Maryam Iraj


If you are amongst those who have a zest for reading, then congratulations! Sadly, if you do not, then that is extremely unfortunate. Ignorance may be bliss but reading novels other than those included in your syllabi can prove to be helpful in the long run. It improves your vocabulary and writing style which is vital for English Language and S.A.T’s. A mention of novels in a conversation can be great icebreakers. You can join book clubs and discover people who have the same taste of books as you. You can even just randomly stroll into a bookstore and choose books that you find entertaining. However, it is a need for today’s world to have adequate knowledge of literary information.