Formal Letter: Q. You’re writing a letter to the mayor of the town explaining the causes and effects of disastrous fires By Namra Kayani




Street #99


November 4th, 2019



Street #72


Subject: The Causes and Effects of Recent Disastrous Fires


Dear Mayor,

The following letter is composed to state the issue regarding the recent wildfires that have taken place. It is known that people, by and large, like lighting fires as it’s fascinating to watch flames and get comfort from them

However, due to activities such as:

  • Creating bonfire on the seaside
  • High temperature of 30°C to 40°C
  • High wind pressure
  • Less rainfall

Due to the above various causes, catastrophic wildfires are taking place which is damaging our environment and for this people need to be held accountable as they play a major role in this nightmare

Recent incident that took place in the heart of Canberra left the forest with a stretch of rotten meat. Another that took place nearby caused more lives to be taken as the fire fled into their car at the very last moment while others were killed in their home.  More effects of such dreadful fires include:

  • Land being destroyed
  • Animals losing their habitat
  • Global Warming taking place
  • Many monuments and buildings being demolished
  • Only limited resources being available
  • Overall negative impact on the economy

Even through damages are important, what’s more important is how one can counter them by using the Government’s Aids, such as setting up donation centers, along with seeking International Help by requesting different humanitarian agencies.

Laws can also be implemented for instance, people should be told to leave free space for plain grass at the boundaries of their homes to prevent fire from expanding to their property. People should start deliberate fires as a precaution in case of emergency.

I hope the addressee takes this letter into consideration and takes some action against this issue.

Yours Sincerely,

Namra Kayani






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