Informal Letter: Culinary habits of various cultures at school. By Areesha Fatima


Informal Letter

  1. You have recently read about culinary habits of various cultures at school. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her what you have learnt.
  • The preferences of different cultures
  • How these are caught and served
  • How do the people enjoy the delicacy and relevant sports

Ans:                                                                                                       221B,

Baker Street, London

30th Oct, 2019.

Dear Lily,

How are you doing? Lily, you have been missed! It has been ages since we have met or talked. Okay, so now I will get on with the purpose of writing this letter. Basically, I want to tell you about the recent increase in my knowledge about culinary habits of various cultures. I learnt it in school today, in Sir Jonathan’s class.

Firstly, I got to know about humitas (sweet, steamed corn cake, traditional in the Andes). Unfortunately, it was worn-out. Ecuadorian towns had many preferences like their ‘disturbingly red’ hotdog sausages, a sweet tamale, a few limp limbed chickens turning into their mechanical rotisserie. Now, lets talk about the ‘disturbingly red’ hotdog sausages. Lily, you know how much I love red but these red hotdogs were actually very disturbing. Ecuadorians also like to eat grilled chicken gizzards (stomach parts), yes stomach parts, obviously we won’t like it.

Also, the people of Arctic are a huge fan of narwhals. Remember that narwhal’s story? Hahaha! Do you know that narwhals are an essential contributor to the survival of the hunters in the High Arctic?

By the way, remember when we watched that random documentary about Japan and they were eating those weird bugs and insects? People all around the globe have different preferences so it is totally fine with people eating insects or you know other weird food combinations.

That narwhal’s story also mentioned about how they were caught and served, right? So, narwhals are huge! The hunter picks up his harpoon and aims for his target and in a split second the narwhal is in their possession. They don’t use a rifle, only a harpoon with two heads and one bladder.

Also, seals are hunted in Greenland and like how can they possibly eat seals? But you know what, I am really against the idea of animal hunting as it leads extinction of endangered animals.

Do you know that the great white shark and the hammerhead shark are harpooned in Iceland? It’s probably very hard to catch them, right? I saw it in that game too, that… ‘Assassins Creed Black Flag’. That was so cool!

People not only eat these delicacies but also enjoy it as a sport. Remember, the hunting of seals, that is a famous sport in Greenland. Also, harpooning of sharks is a very fun activity and the hunters really enjoy it. Isn’t that amazing?

Hunting and fishing are a very common activity and considered a sport. We should actually go for fishing soon. What do you say?

Okay Lily, I hope you fine this letter informative. I really hope we meet soon, girl! I miss you.

Give my regards to your adorable little brother, John.

Lots of love,




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