Informal Letter: Q).You recently read about the culinary habits of various cultures at school. Write a letter to your friend telling what you have learnt. Include: preferences of different cultures/ how these are caught and served/ how locals enjoy delicacy and relevant sports. Think carefully of your letter and the audience for whom it is intended. By: Maham Ali



                                                                                              Sunset Street,

                                                                                              Pensacola Florida,

                                                                                              November 14th 2018,

Dear Joe,

How are you? I hope you are doing well and I recently heard from Seth that you shifted into your new apartment. I know how that rollercoaster ride goes but I’m sure you will make it through. The first week is hectic but do not worry you will get use to it. How are the dogs doing?

Anyways, I recently read about these culinary habits of various cultures at school and I must say I was quite impressed. According to their culture they have these beliefs and sayings. At first I found it unusual but it is their way of living yet I still found their odd habits interesting.

The way they make their food is just unbelievable not only that they even have these limped chickens. Which means that those chickens lack in strength and firmness. I cannot even begin to think how their meat would taste. I even read that the meat of some animals can be disturbingly red.

According to my book it is even said that these people enjoy eating blubber of whales. This brings up to my attention if they like eating this type of unusual meals, I wonder how they would feel if they got a chance to taste our food? The fact that it is rich in minerals and vitamins is bizarre.

As we were reading the teacher told us to search up the beliefs of their culture.. I was really excited to search it up and you will not believe when I tell you this the dark rich meat is priceless and it is said to heal any injuries caused to anyone may it be humans or animals. I think it might be like a healing crystal for them.

Moreover, my book even mentioned about these famous restaurants and hotels that served food which was uncommon. I guess you can refer to it as “one of a kind”. This famous chief named Eddie Guerraro serves his popular dish of gizzards and it is spread on top of vegetables with different sauces. I wonder how anyone would have an appetite to eat all that.

Not only do these people enjoy the delicacy of their extraordinary food they even use it to make equipments. In accordance to their beliefs when they make tools out of it, it is said to bring certain victory for them which is also quiet unusual. But I think it’s a good thing for them to stick to their beliefs and be firm. Rumor has it that a man made harpoon tips and handles out of the whale blubber and when he returned from his hunting trip he had hunted the most ferocious beasts lurking in the wild.

Anyhow, do you remember how my grandma had rabbits and guinea pigs at her farm, these people consider them to be a part of their important food. It is essential for them to eat this, I do not mean to criticize but that is just rude, how can anyone eat rabbits?

They even have this tradition that on any occasion a gift or wine is not considered just gifting a pair of guinea pigs is more then enough. Can you believe that? After reading about their culinary habits, cultures and beliefs I really want to visit this country.

But of course that can not be done since I’m busy with school and you are busy with your work. As we were nearing to the end of this topic the teacher pointed out that the people of this country consider Artic whales to be their spirit animals. This animal was precious to them in a lot of ways. It was even reported that they could communicate under water. But according to them it was an important animal for haunting, eating and helping them to survive.

So that is all I read about, pretty interesting right? I was just amazed at the intelligence and at the creativity of these people. I hope I did not bore you but I would really appreciate if you took some time out and read about this online. Trust me you will not regret it. Anyways take care my dear friend, I  am looking forward to hearing from you.





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