Formal Letter: Effect of Social Networking Sites on Teenagers By Abubakr Faisal


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Subject: Effect of Social Networking Sites on Teenagers


Dear MR Jeremy Colt,


It is stated that the undersigned is writing is writing this letter to inform the addressee about the investigation regarding the effects and holds of social media networking sites on teenagers. The undersigned is very happy to tell the addressee that this investigation was a total success and the undersigned has acquired good results of the investigation.


In this investigation, the undersigned investigated he hold of social networking sites on teenagers. The effects of social networking sites and teenagers and the viewpoint of teenagers themselves regarding these effects of social media.


The undersigned obtained these during their investigation:

  1. The trends in the lives of teenagers are drastically changing since 2007. Teenagers who once wore a complete school uniform have now started wearing T-shirts and sweatshirts just because of some students who wanted to be casual at school and posted about their opinion on social media. People who saw the posts follow in the steps of these students.
  2. Schools which do not require the students to wear uniforms have also been affected. Where people wore decent clothes and were well-dressed, now they have started wearing clothes which are a little ripped from places. Even the teachers have ditched jeans and have started wearing skirts to school just because they follow their favorite filmstar or singer on social media.
  • A recent case study shows that where people started using social media from the age of 34, now it has dropped to the age of 25 in the last two years. It is expected that this age limit is expected to drop from 25 all the way down to 15 as more teenagers flood the market of social media.
  1. A research done by the undersigned shows that while the age limit is decreasing for the usage of social media, the downloads of the social media applications have been increasing. The research was based on the decreasing age limits and the results showed that the downloads of the social media applications have increased from 40% to 46% in the last two years and is expected to rise from this 46% to 55%. This means that more than half of the world will be expected to use social media and the main reason for this will be teenagers flooding the markets of social media.


These were the holds of social media on teenager. Now let the undersigned inform the addressee about the effects of social media on teenagers.


The effects of social media in this investigation are only some of the dangers to teenagers. More affects are being studied but the investigated ones are as follows:

  1. Neuroscientist Baroness Greenfield has told the undersigned that these social networking are ‘rewiring’ the brains of teenagers due to repeated exposure. “It is like a drug”, says Greenfield. “Once it is taken, the person who took it gets addicted to it and this addiction is then hard to overcome as it changes the code of brain and how it is supposed to function.” Hence the word ‘rewiring’.
  2. These neuroscientists also believe that using too much social media decreases the attention spans of teenagers. Teachers at Froebels International School were interviewed by the undersigned and they stated that teens had poor attention spans and they lacked the ability to communicate or concentrate away from their screens.
  • The undersigned conducted an experiment which involved people who used social media everyday for atleast three hours. The undersigned found out that these people lacked the ability to understand others and were much more comfortable using their computers and phones to communicate. This confirms the theory of neuroscientist Baroness Greenfield that social media ‘rewires’ the brains of teenagers.


The undersigned conducted another experiment and found out that only 25-30% of the teenagers interviewed wanted to stop using social media but more that 70% were alright using it. It was very disappointing to find that all these teenagers were not concerned about their lives. The undersigned hopes that scientists find a solution to this problem because if this keeps up, this generation is going to find it hard to progress further in the future.

It is hoped that the addressee finds the above information useful and relevant t the cause and employs it to further the same.


Yours sincerely,

Abubakr Faisal



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