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Newspaper Report From ‘Teenage Kids’ and ‘The School Food Plan’ by Areesha Fatima


Newspaper Report

From ‘Teenage Kids’ and ‘The School Food Plan’

  1. You are a reporter and have been asked to write a newspaper report on how schools could better/ improve programs for youth.
  • What changes are needed
  • How these will help
  • What researchers say


A Healthy Baller

This report is about the importance of physical and mental health for youth.

Date: Wednesday, 12th February 2020

Written by: Areesha Fatima

This report highlights the significance of school food plans and sports organizations for youth and how they are an important part in a child’s education.

For these two fields, sports and food, some programs have been launched. Kickz is a national program funded by the Premier League and Metropolitan Police, that uses football to work with young people at risk of offending in the deprived areas.

Also, the School Food Plan was published in 2013 and was agreed by the UK’s Department for Education to improve the food available in schools. These initiatives were highly appreciated but there is definitely a room of changes required and available. These changes are:

Kickz aims to engage 12 to 18 year old which could be changed as by engaging a larger age group, more youngsters will be benefitted. In the matters of health and food, about 57% children are not eating school lunches at all.

So, to improve this, children should be encouraged to have a proper balanced diet which would only come when they will eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. More emphasis should be placed on the importance of health and fitness which will be done by supporting and appreciating more programs like these.

Moreover, only 1% of packed lunches meet the nutritional standards that currently apply to school food. This shows that despite having lunch, students do not receive the necessary balanced diet. This further leads to a conclusion that more physical and extracurricular activities should take place along with a proper nutritional diet, aiming to benefit more students.

Moving on, it further signifies that these changes will bring about noticeable differences as children will think of it as an important and beneficial part of life. a highly certifies nutritionist stated that, “Physical and mental health is what grows and develops the mind of children.”

This clearly demonstrates what when more people will engage in these activities, a more positive approach will be targeted in schools as it will improve the academic performance of children and most importantly, the health of this nation.

This will surely uplift the weaker sections of the society as when these facilities will be provided to them, a sense of equality and brotherhood will spread in the society.

A famous researcher, Sarah Wayne stated that, “These enthusiastic organizations have led to a reduction of 66% in youth crime.” This proves that a clear mindset of the importance of health will help children as they will grow, mentally and physically. When this responsibility will be given to schools, students will gradually clear their negative thoughts about schools.

In conclusion, these youth programs will benefit schools and the children being educated in them. As looking forward to these changes, a sense of hope is observed as these organizations and authorities are working for the betterment of the upcoming generation.