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‘The Melodies I never played’/’Lies can have major consequences’ by Aamash Qaiser


There I was sitting nervously on my computer chair glaring at the screen as I typed in my CV for my first job ever. I put in truthful information but just to make myself look like an enjoyable person, I put in extra hobbies saying that i knew how to play the piano and was an expert in playing violin. To this day , I still think twice before lying after what happened to me.

I wrapped the whole thing and clicked “send”. I was expecting a call from the office a day later or two later but surprisingly in the evening I had my nephew run up to me holding my phone which rang repeatedly saying that it was an unknown number . I was called for an interview. I was nervous , almost panicking , getting my clothes ready although it was tomorrow. I tried to sleep but could hardly do that and I do not know if it was excitement or something that was yet to come.

The next day , I was waiting for my turn in the line for the interview. They called out my name and I entered entirely shaking but as I approached the person who was very calm , I relaxed and my interview turned out to be great and I had been accepted for the job. As I was about to leave with a huge endless grin on my face , he said , ” Hey , you know how to play the piano, why don’t you play for the special officials coming to visit us?”. I don’t know why but I accidentally said “yeah , sure!”

As I stepped outside , I realized what I had done. I got home with a bit confused emotions . I just had two days to do something about this  situation. I immediately called up a friend of mine who knew how to play the piano but it turned out that he was on holidays abroad. I tried to look for tutorials on the internet but I realized what was I gonna practice on if I had no piano.

A day passed for me searching for a piano tutor but I thought at the end that it was useless, what could I possibly learn in one day? I gave up hope and wished something like a miracle would occur as I went in bed. It did happen.

I woke up feeling weird and it turned out that I had high fever. I actually cheered than being sad as I was finally safe. I called in the office telling about my situation and how i couldn’t get off my bed and cannot come to play the piano for the officials. This got him a bit suspicious because i particularly mentioned that.

After that incident , I always keep this event in mind before I give a false statement or blindly lie to someone as I know how great deal of a trouble can be smacked on your face without you even noticing.