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A Person Whom You Think Is A ‘Misfit’ by Zoha Sarim


She walks down the hallway, a streak of elusiveness and delicacy, a figure of demureness. She slips by unnoticed by many, even though she is easily the most decorated individual in the building. People let her pass, and she walks lightly, with the smoothest movements I have ever seen, seamlessly transitioning from one step to another. Her posture is perfect, her facial expressions set in a mask of indifference. She carries herself as if she is waiting for something in life; she seems unsatisfied but patient. She disappears.

She is tall and slim, with seemingly perfect body proportions. She is dark-skinned, a dusky, desert-sand brown and her silky tresses are raven-black waterfalls that cascade past her shoulders, down to her waist. The hair sways between her shoulder blades in a high ponytail. Her wide, caramel doe-eyes, framed with dramatic, fluttery lashes, are fixed on a point above everyone else’s heads. Her gaze is cool and unforgiving, and her steely eyes give the feeling that they can bend your will. High, sculpted cheekbones and a sharply curving chin present her with an attitude of determination to match her fierce aura.

Inked drawings flow up her arms, peeking out her collar and swirling on her arms. A miniscule, outlined dandelion hides behind the lobe of her ear, its fluff flitting into her hairline. A silhouetted anchor is barely visible on her left shoulder. The fluttery wings of a butterfly rest on the back of her neck, while startling owl eyes glare from her shoulder blade. A trail of tiny outlined suns run up her elbow. She has the smallest of skull-and-crossbones on her left ankle. She is illustrated with stories of beauty, hardship and mysteries.

She downplays her allure and pulchritude with simple, dark-toned outfits, much like the navy blue jeans and grunge-green tank top of today. She does not belong in this miserable, run-down dump; she is destined to walk down streets of dreams and pavements of opportunity. Her beauty and elegance is purposed to outshine all others; she does not belong in a poor, murky town. She is too intelligent and focused for the gloomy future being handed to her. She is a misfit of charm trapped in a city of ashes.