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‘A Person Whom You Think is Misfit’ by Wishka Syed

Sunlight overlaid the earth like a silk blanket;light, soothing and not scorching hot. Nevertheless, she wore a thick vintage outfit making her passer by cringe.
Hair loosely pulled up into a bobtail bun pinned with delicate pearls and tresses jutting out from random places. It gave off an elegant aura, even though it was hard to get use to her sight at the first glance.
She wore a blouse and a knee length skirt tea pink in colour; a dainty and ostentatious brooch rested on her chest clearly carved out of uncut diamond. A summer hat placed on her head caused the chestnut colour of her hair to stand out.
She was not just glamorous but eldritch. Her features sharp and pointy due to her chiseled cheekbones seemed as if her face was carved out of glass. Her dilated violet pupils were intense with swirling emotions like a dragon’s tail gone wild. Her skin was milky and tedious; the fear of breaking her if handled to harshly might overcome anyone near her.
Arrant posture screamed exquisiteness, as her back was strictly straightened; hands gracefully sitting on her lap one over another; feet tucked together the pointers of her coat shoes touching the ground. She looked like a porcelain doll missing from her box.
This unusual girl was quick at diverting anyone’s attention towards her. Either it was her appearance from the eighties or the eeriness that she unintentionally radiated of her. Her pink, full lips were set in a pout while she talked to herself and the creased lining on her forehead did no harm to her flawless face.
The chill of her whispers were haunting because the way she formed her speech was nothing like what an ordinary human could do. She sounded fragile and light; sensual if it has to be.
She was a ‘misfit’ in this hole of flaws, thus it was evident she did not belong here. She was from the world of angels and demons, but then perhaps she was a fallen angel.