Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meanings. By Hisham


This passage titled as getting lost is written by Matt Imman. The genre of this piece of text is nonfiction with themes of an adventure and traveling through the writer’s way to  her solo trip to Koreas Green Tea Fields. The writer’s tone is friendly yet entertaining. ” but my korean is virtually non-existent” and “I hopped on the bus and tried to relax with a book, focusing on the book was difficult as I had never done this journey before”. So despite  his seeming kindness, he was no help for me” The structure of this passage is in the form of a narrative text and the language varies from informal to semi formal. The language of the text is straightforward and very engaging and the vocabulary is simple . The extract holds various techniques to attach the reader to this extract. As for the audience of this text is mainly adults and tourists who are interested in traveling and at some extent interested in disadvantages and foreign problems. The text also creates an awareness of the problems which a tourist might face in foreign countries. Furthermore, the theme of the text can be recognized as travel. The writer also has used personification in the end of his passage “The roads will take you.”

Furthermore, the writer begins with a brief link to her past  writing about a solo weekend to Koreas Boseong Green Tea Fields and based on the writer’s experience of touring Korea. The first and foremost detectable feature can be the amount of the description the author has used and how he has coupled words with adjectives. “I thank the universe for smartphones because without mine I wouldn’t have had the slightest clue of where to go.” “ At this point in the story I should mention that it was raining and that I also had an injured foot.” This brightens up the text and adds clarity  in it  and makes the reader attached to the passage. Stats are mentioned  during the text “At 11pm, 6 hours late”.The writer has incorporated multiple figures of speech for effect. “I couldn’t help but smile” The writer used simple words like “relish” and “ Miserable” The writer also uses irony “ I would have only been miserable for the duration of the trip”. The author has also used rhetorical questions in his passage, “Where would have been the fun in that?”

In conclusion, the writer has used various linguistic elements and techniques such as simple vocabulary, figures of speech and sarcasm to add effect to the passage. By this, she engages the reader, sustains the audience’s interest, makes her point distinctively and creates a highly emotive picture.


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