Q) Write a passage entitled, “Last night I dreamt…” By Ibraheem Tareen


Dreams for the average person last around twenty to thirty minutes. Considering what people have told me about their dreams and my own experiences…dreams don’t have to time to be rational or sensible. One minute you’re trying to escape killer robots ,the next you’re in a gang and time slows down during shootouts ,and on really special days there will be insects that resemble the combination of a cricket cockroach and grasshopper if they were all ten times larger.

However ,there are times when our minds are at ease.band in this case ,dreams don’t occur. Last nights was one of those nights ,where I dreamt about nothing. I don’t see it as a bad thing ,it’s incredibly relaxing despite the fact that there’s nothing there to relax me. There’s no scented candles ,there’s no shimmering raindrops or shining stars ,there’s no flowing rivers by the bank ,and there’s no cascading waves along the ocean. The Sun and Moon have both gone to sleep and all of space and time has spiralled in on itself until it’s as far away from me as needed. And no matter how much I can try and move closer towards it ,it’s futile.Now that everything and everyone is gone ,what about me? The answers quite simple , I’ll just relax.

After all the stress of having to deal with your school or job ,trying so hard day in and day out ,everyone deserves a bit of respite from their real lives ,and what better respite than the void?

Last night was one of those nights , where I dreamt about nothing simply because I didn’t want to dream about anything.


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