Q) Write a passage entitled “Last night I dreamt…” By Aamina Waleed


Last night, I had one of the most strangest dreams. I dreamt of another universe. Its name? I had no clue. The reason I was there in the first place? I can not recall either. All I was certain of is that I was definitely not in the place I called my home. I was somewhere far away, somewhere unknown.

The area I was located in was undoubtedly beautiful. A bright pink sky with absolutely no sighting of any moon or sun. Blue grass under my feet that prickled me the more I walked forward, and overall a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. I do not remember much of the dream, it’s all like a blur to me, but what I do clearly remember is being in awe of the scenery surrounding me. 

Not long after, I was stopped in my tracks by what I believed to be a rose bush. Taking my time to inspect from far away, I soon made up my mind to jog towards it and take a closer look. It’s not everyday you find yourself in an unknown location with a mysterious wild rose bush appearing in front of you.

As I stood in front of the bush, I could clearly view the remarkable appearance of the roses that were not visible from afar. A rich crimson colour coating the smooth petals making it look quite delicate, along with a strong fragrance that lingered around. It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what it was, but it smelled sweet-scented and heavenly. 

The only thing stopping me from reaching my hand out and plucking one of the roses was the sharp thorns protruding out in uneven angles, but curiosity took over me and I couldn’t stop my shaky hand from extending itself towards it. 

Slowly, and carefully, my hand made its way out to the fresh deep red rose, but as soon as my fingers made contact, everything went black and I had woken from my dream. 


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