Q) Describe your lucky charm. By Zymal Rizwan


Thirteen. It’s a simple number some people refer to as an unlucky number but that wasn’t the case for someone like Zymal. Thirteen was an important number to her; it was her lucky charm and it wasn’t something she hid; she rather talked about it obsessively. 

Zymal was someone who a lot of people knew she was a singer or artist as some might say, it was true she did create art. She always wrote her own songs which were never meaningless; they were detailed and written beautifully. Some might say that she was successful as she was talented which was true but she always gave credits to her lucky charm. She had many reasons why it was her lucky charm and why it was also her favourite number. 

She was born on the thirteenth,she turned thirteen on Friday the thirteenth,she wrote a song called thirteen and the song became a hit once it was out,her first album went gold in thirteen weeks,her first song to ever go number one on the charts had a thirteen second intro(which she says she didn’t do on purpose),and every time she had won an award at an award show she sat in the thirteenth row or thrown “M” which is the thirteenth letter. She somehow always found ways to relate thirteen in things she does. She also talks about the time when she first won an award after a performance the producer had come to her and told her she’s going on in thirteen seconds and later she won the award she was nominated for and her performance went well as well. 

Another thing she does that she gets called nerdy for is to make sure she has a good show. One of her pre show “rituals” was to have her mother draw on a thirteen on her hand before every show with makeup and she never used to go on stage without it. One time she said that her mom couldn’t be there and she didn’t want to draw the thirteen herself as she felt it ruined the “ritual” so she didn’t end up drawing it in that same concert she fell down while singing a song and fell down when climbing the stairs as well and she remembers the concert after that when her mom did draw it in her hand went smoothly.

She had always thought about how her thirteenth album would be but knew that time was way to far so when two thousand and thirteen came around she decided to release an album then she usually did country songs and was known as a country singer but for this album she decided to switch genres to see if it worked for her as pop music was making a huge impact in the music industry. She was nervous about releasing the album as it was her first experience with pop music but the outcome and feedback was incredibly positive and the album became the most awarded pop album in history. 

Even it only being her first pop album it made a huge impact in pop-culture music as many people recognised it as a unique work of art and she thought she had never made a better decision and once again found it crazy that the album was released in two thousand and thirteen. 

She found it weird why people considered thirteen as an unlucky number as it had always been the best lucky charm for her and would always dream about getting ten more cats so she could have thirteen cats in total.


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