Home Alone. By Minahil Malik


My beauty sleep getting interrupted for the sixth time this week. Staring at that ball of fire, crackling with light and  giving it a pep talk on why it keeps on interrupting my sleep but it never seems to listen or respond back. Maybe, it doesn’t speak my language; whatever the case is it needs to stop, it’s seriously starting to piss me off at this point.

Stretching my paws and taking a big yawn, I stepped out of my castle and retrieved down stairs in search of my human, which by the way, I might add, keeps on calling me Olive. My name is Mitch, and we’ve had this argument many times but she never seems to cope up so, I let her call me “Oliver”. Snapping my neck left to right I found no signs of her, even her scent wasn’t there. 

“Human!” I meowed. “Human!” I meowed again. Gosh! Where is that girl? I swear if there’s no food in my bowl I’m turning this place upside down. Searching the whole house for the servant that works for me, it was time for me to take control of this household and for things to go my way. 

Jumping on the counter and deliberately knocking things over; I looked at the broken glass scattered all over the place. “Oops”, I said to myself. I wonder how that happened.

Twitching up my nose, the smell of good old tuna started filling up my nose and soon enough, I was using my paws to open up this damn cupboard and after working years on it, the old thing opened but caused all the tuna cans to drop all over the floor. It was like a tuna swimming pool! 

Looking at the shelf and the floor back and forth,”well, more for me!” I exclaimed to myself. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? She can’t return me back to the shelter, can she?!


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