Home Alone. By Areesha Fatima


As usual, rushing my husband out of the house and sending my 6-year-old to preschool is how I begin my day. Nowadays, the little one has started kicking my belly with even more enthusiasm. So, you can say that I am mostly half asleep and not in the right state of mind these days.

I hurriedly slammed the door and made my way to the cozy couch on which stood a rotten, half eaten sandwich and my husband’s tie which he had been looking for since as long as I can remember.

There it was! I was again, like every day, home alone! To me this was freedom. It was and still is one of the best feelings. Pretty much like salvation or inner satisfaction.

Trust me, my husband and kids are amazing, cannot be more grateful! So please don’t think that I am fed up of them.  But it’s just that a little time off from the daily hectic routine is what brings me at peace.

It took some pills for my runny nose and nausea and smilingly, shut my eyes with pleasure.

Of course, someone or something had to interfere, right? Who could it be at this hour of the morning knocking at the door so rudely? Literally, all I thought about was who came and most importantly, why? “Entirely and successfully ruined my sleep.”, I said as a frown took over my innocent face. Could it be the milkman or the gardener, but why would they come again?

Getting up from the couch with the most distinct and powerful eye-roll and having no clue of what is happening and where I was headed to. I instantly grabbed the cloth on the couch which I thought was my scarf, but actually was the cape of my son’s superhero figure. I didn’t realize this until the following happened.

As soon as I opened the door, thinking that I was wrapping the scarf around my neck, I swung the cape so hard that the tough, metallic body quite energetically hit the eye of the person at the door. And there you see, it was my husband who now had a well-blended black-eye! How great is that?

Now, you may wonder why he came back. Obviously, the same tie on the couch was what he needed and now I am just curious about how the explanation to this incident will be given to his boss. No one knows, I am sure he doesn’t know either.

So, that my friends, is just a regular day of me at home all alone which also reminds me that the superhero figures and the rest of the mess at home needs to be cleaned up right away!


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