Q) A friend of yours is moving to another country. Write a letter to him or her offering support and giving information that will help. By Uzair Shah 


 22652 Ashburn 

Loudoun County, VA 

United States America 

October 26, 2020 

Dear Jacob, 

How have you been? It has been quite some time since the last time I wrote to you which I think was right before you left for Tokyo. It hasn’t really been the same without you. I miss all the trouble we used to get in at school and the forts we used to build behind my house. Look, I know you were never keen on moving let alone to an entirely different country across the world but you always have to see the bright side of things. I wanted to tell you that everything is going to work out and you are going to adjust in no time. 

Firstly, as a man with experience being in Japan as I have visited there myself once, you are going to constantly find traffic at every corner you turn. It is best if you rode a bike to travel to avoid traffic and just because I know how convenient you are with a bike. Of course what might be the biggest and most obvious thing you’ll notice is the difference in tongue. I will admit it was quite frustrating not being able to understand a language but after a lot of practice I am sure you will be fluent in Japanese within the next few years. Now your father will most likely put you into a new school by the end of summer so make sure you have at least a few words down by memory. Speaking of school, sorry to break it to you although you will find out anyways but you will be wearing a uniform instead of your normal everyday clothes. It may be annoying at first but it will feel fine after some time. 

Life may be a lot different from how it was back in the states. You are going to have to get accustomed to the food which is quite different to get used to. Chop sticks were never an easy utensil to use for me. I recommend you start practicing now as forks and spoons are not as common there. For example the rice there is not the same type you are accustomed to back here at home. It is more sticky which makes it easier to pick up with your chop sticks. There will also be other things you may not be comfortable with at first but in time you will learn to adapt. Another example is that there are usually no chairs when you eat at the dinner table. Now do not panic, I am not saying you have to stand while eating for the rest your life. From now on you will have to eat sitting on the floor. You might be wondering, “how will I reach the table?” I am glad you asked. The table will only reach up to your shins so you won’t have to reach up to grab your meals. The places you’ll go will be filled with lights and attractions. It is a very busy city and not as loud as it is here in the suburban areas which is usually more silent than space itself after 10:00 pm. 

Now I don’t want you to feel depressed this entire time you are gone. I know, I feel quite uneasy that I have one less person to sit with at lunchtime myself but I want you to be happy where you are now. Make new friends, try new things, and learn different cultures. I’m sure the students in the school you’re transferred to will be really willing to be friends with someone who is from abroad and has knowledge and experience about the western world. Who wouldn’t? Plus, I know how much of a fan you are of video games, well I’ve heard that most of the video games were produced here in that very city. You can drive over there anytime you want and on a road that doesn’t have any potholes and cracked roads. Their infrastructure is very efficient. 

Honestly, be more grateful. Your caring friend has spent up all this time to write you a letter just to make sure you fit in and adjust proceedingly. I am not rushing you or saying you need to get all of this done by tomorrow or anything like that. Take your time and who knows, maybe you will like it there more than your previous home. I don’t know how long this will take to deliver to you or why I didn’t email when that is so much faster but I like to lead a vintage life. I hope you and your family are doing well. Tell them I said hello. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Your friend,



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