Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Shayaan Khan


The title of this passage is Getting Lost, which is a straightforward title, telling you about what will happen in this extract. It is written by Matt Inman and is a straight page taken out from his books. The purpose of this text is to show people that if you felt like you lost and have no ways to go, you still go with a smile on your face because if you do, it may take you to the destination you want to see. It tells you to never give up and keep on fighting for the thing you longed for.

The writer uses informal language, this is more friendly and feels natural for the reader, as he knows that this is not that much of a serious story. This extract is meant to be for adults mainly as children cannot travel without their parents or guardian. Adults can get lost easily without knowing about any of the areas, and this passage tells them that they must not put on an angry face even if they think they have lost.

The tone of this passage is informal and chaotic, the reader explains his journey in a quick way without wasting any time. This can be called chaotic as his writing sometimes gets messy but that is the gist of the story and makes it work even more, this way the reader can engage in the story more and feels more relaxed then needing to spot every single detail. The main theme of this extract is ‘Survive with a smile’, this means that you must work hard towards your goal even if you have no knowledge of getting to it, it makes you strive for it and try to get there as soon as possible. By this, it makes the goal a more worthy destination and gives you more satisfaction.

The writer tends to go for the more straightforward passage, like “In the middle of nowhere and essentially unable to communicate with anyone.”, this shows that he does not want to waste time in telling every single detail and makes the text more interesting for the reader, giving him a feeling of satisfaction. Plus, with this, it allows him to send the message without over-complicating it and gets the message straight to the readers head. He also shows the message one more time in a separate subtitle passage to make sure that people did not get confused by the story and that they were not only reading for fun. He shows this as a nightmare in his first subtitle’s paragraph but in the second subtitle, he makes sure that people do not think of this as some pity train but as a story about a man striving to reach his goal as soon as possible.

The writer also tends to ask more rhetorical questions, as shown, “Where would have been the fun in that?” This is used to make the reader more into the story and made him think about the passage way more often. A rhetorical question sticks the question to the reader’s mind and makes him think about the passage a lot.

 The writer also likes to use alliteration as it is shown in the extract, “…fact…frustrated…”. This gives a more rhythmic flow to the story and makes it smoother. By doing this, it allows the reader to be focused on a particular part of the text and makes him more absorbed in the passage. Not only this, but this can also make him enjoy some parts of the text and makes him want to read it again and again just to get to that specific part to catch the same feeling he felt while reading it for the first time.

The writer also uses the exclamation marks, such as “‘go with the flow’” this is used to  create a sense of sarcasm and gives the reader a more comfortable feeling with the passage and allows him to read the passage more comfortably and not be too disturbed by it. 

The writer uses first person to give it more personal feeling as he uses,”I…I”, this is to make the reader in the exact same shows as the writer and feel the same emotions as him and not make him feel like it is a straightforward story.

The writer uses more straightforward sentences and tells it in such a way that the reader feels comfortable and is more invested in the story.


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