Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meanings. By Deena Shehzad


Text one is titled ‘human noise pollution is everywhere, even in the national parks’ and is written by Sarah Kaplan. It is extracted from the Washington post. This passage contains a conative and informative purpose. The style is descriptive and expository. The language used is formal yet simple and the audience may be readers who are interested in nature. Sarah Kaplan has employed several rhetorical devices to best convey her message such as figures of speech, expert opinions, jargon and more.

Firstly it can be seen that there is personification in the extract. To specify, the author claims: “the whistling of the wind” and “the whispering branches.” Personification is highly effective in producing a description that readers can clearly picture. It also prevents a description from becoming dull.

Secondly it can be noted that the author has included jargon in the extract such as “buffer zones” and “HVAC systems.” Although Jargon can create a language barrier that may prevent readers from understanding some information, it portrays the author as well researched and knowledgeable on the topic. As jargon refers to terms used for certain fields of profession. Hence it can be used to better convince readers and leave a good impression of the writer.

Additionally there are expert opinions available in the given text. Experts mentioned include “Megan McKenna, a scientist with the National Park Service’s Natural Sounds

and Night Skies division and a co-author on the report” Expert opinions are a powerful tool to add weightage and believability to the authors statement. As readers will most likely trust and accept the words of an expert. 

Furthermore it can be noted that there are statistics present throughout the extract such as “63 percent” and “10-decibel.” Here the statistics have been given in the form of research. This assists to back up the claim of the author and therefore make him/her further credible/believable. Statistics also add variety to the text by giving it a scientific feel. 

Moving on it can be noticed that there is background information provided for readers. To highlight: “noise pollution makes it more difficult for plants to reproduce,” and “listening to nature sounds with reductions in stress, improvements in mood

and other markers of good health.” Background information as such can enable readers to better comprehend the context of the passage by being well informed. Additionally it leaves readers with new and fascinating information they may have not known before. 

Moreover readers can observe that the author has used a list in her writing. To identify, the passage claims: “air traffic overhead, growling car engines, children shrieking nearby, mining and drilling taking place miles away.” Listing allows a large amount of information to be conveyed in an efficient manner rather than dragging on a statement. It also is highly effective for the audience to absorb information 

Lastly Sarah Kaplan has employed emotional appeal throughout the extract. For example “putting wild creatures at risk” and it can change animals’ behavior with consequences for the entire ecosystem.” Readers who value topics such as animals, nature and ecosystems. This can trigger strong emotions as it may be a sensitive topic for some. It can also be highly impactful and used to persuade readers who hold significance to the subject at hand.

In conclusion, author Sarah Kaplan has formed a highly informative as well as entertaining piece to keep readers engaged by using several literary devices. Some of which include jargon, statistics, background information, emotion appeal and more.


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