Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Rayam Rizwan


The title of the following test is referred to as “Some birds are so stressed by noise pollution it looks like they have PTSD and the magazine from which it is extracted from is “Washington Post”. The following passage is an informative essay and its purpose is to inform and give the readers information about the western bluebird. The language used  by the author of this text is very professional and formal, making it a formal extract. Since it is an informative extract, the audience for whom this is aimed at are both adults and young adults.

Firstly, many uses of statistics can be seen in many areas of the text such as, “240 sites surrounding”. The author has used this particular technique to give us a better and clearer and sharper image in the readers’ minds as we get to know exactly how many nests were present. This use of statistics helps the author to convey his message more clearly and helps him to convey his thoughts and ideas since our understanding of the blue bird is enhanced and we get a clearer idea of the overall text.

Moving on, the use of doubles and triples has also helped the author to be successful in conveying his messages and thoughts for example, “experience cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal issues, extreme fatigue.” The use of triples form an image for the readers and makes it more understandable for the reader since it is adding emphasis on the particular element the readers wants us to emphasize on. This not only makes it easier for the adults and young adults to understand but also helps the author to convey his message and inform us about the bluebird, making him even more successful in his purpose to inform.

In addition, the author has also used professional references in order to make the extract more believable and making the facts put forth more reliable for example, “National Academy of Sciences.” The use of these references again makes them more reliable and helps the readers to paint an image in their minds and understand more efficiently the ideas he is putting forward. This way the readers are more informed about the blue bird which helps the author, again, to convey his thoughts and makes him successful in his purpose to inform.

Following these techniques, the author has also used figurative language to overall balance out this extract. An example is an alliteration which is, “her health” and “paper published”. This adds emphasis and makes the passage more attractive and entertaining as well as hooks the reader since they are entertained by the use of figurative language. Due to the readers being hooked to the passage, the readers understand the passage more clearly and the thoughts and facts of the author more understandable.

Further into the analysis, it is noticed that the author has also used proper nouns and jargons on the text such as, “New Mexico ”.  This makes the text more reliable and gives us a deeper understanding as we get to know more about the passage and its elements and helps us to get a clever image in our minds, helping the author to fulfill his purpose to inform more efficiently.

Following this, the author has used dialogues and characters in his text such as, “Lowry” and an example of a dialogue is, “The body is just starting to break down. This unique technique also helps the readers to understand facts about the blue bird and an image is built in the reader’s mind, making the purpose of the author more successful as this technique informs us even more about the bluebird.

Furthermore, the author has decided to use a friendly and soft tone to state facts about the blue bird. This hooks the readers to the extract as  they are drawn in due to the feeling of friendliness and jolly words such as, “It gets really tricky”. This again draws in the readers and they are informed more clearly and gives the readers a clear and sharp image, making the author successful in informing.

In conclusion, the author has used many useful techniques in order to inform f adults and young adults and overall, the author was successful enough in his task as he has used a balance of figurative language as well as other language techniques.


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