Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Javeria Husain


This passage, titled “So you’re lost in the wilderness- these tips could save your life”, is written by the author Mark Jenkins. The purpose of this text was to inform the readers about some life saving tips whilst hiking. The audience can be assumed to be hikers, or any interest group related to survival and hiking would have been attracted to this passage. The theme of this passage can be survival, and hiking as the passage mainly focuses about how the readers can improve their hiking to a safer level. 

Firstly, the author uses a well descriptive approach to its readers while trying to reach his point across, words like “wilderness, trembling” are used by the author while describing. This can be helpful for the reader as they would be more aided to how to perceive and fully understand the author’s message so that they could practically carry it out the right way as well if they would ever choose to. The author’s vocabulary and descriptive techniques guide the reader with a perspective of the author itself, which helps develop a mutual understanding between the reader and the writer. Adding onto that, the author’s vocabulary is also shown to be descriptive as well. Words like “anxiety,craggy, retrace” help the reader visualise with the writer. This helps the reader to have a clear illustration in their mind and fulfills the point of the writer as he tries to convey his message to his audience. 

Secondly, the use of rhetorical questions are present, direct questions addressing the reader like “ What should you do? Can you call? Can you text?” are used by the writer. The author constantly involves the reader after each statement he passes to individually grasp the reader’s direct and full attention.The use of this technique helps engage with the readers directly, which further helps develop a bond of understanding and helps engage the reader when the author addresses them. This helps the reader to keep up with the author’s thought process. Adding onto that, the author has tactfully structured his paragraphing style to short and direct, brief sentences, following with a rhetorical question at the end of each one, which also further helps the reader and the writer to constantly be engaging with each other and keeping up side to side. The impact of the short sentence structure helps keep the reader alert and engaged as much as possible, as it stands out more boldly to the reader and fully grasps their attention and focus on the writer’s point. “…It depends”. “If you do all these things the chances are you’ll be found”, the way these sentences are structured also use the effective use of acronyms, for the word “ STOP”.  This helps the writer also assure the reader and helps develop a mutual bond of understanding and trust in between the two. Along with keeping the reader engaged, short sentences also help the reader to keep thinking as well. This also adds onto a hint of mystery and helps the reader to emphasise more on the writer’s point to understand it better.  This engagement with the reader is very tactful as the reader feels acknowledged and a bond is developed with a reliable level of understanding in between the reader and the writer upon the focusing point.

Thirdly, there is a use of strong punctuation by the author. The author punctuates his sentences with the use of full stops, question marks, semi colons, colons and brackets and hyphens. The use of these helps the author punctuate his sentences while meaningfully holding the intended effect upon the reader. Adding onto that, the author has also used effective vocabulary in conveying his message. There is a repetitive use of alliteration present in the author’s style of writing. “Simply stop, panic pass, commonly called”. This helps create a rhythm and mood in the writer’s message while having similar connotations. This helps the reader also be entertained whilst retaining the information that is coming in from the writer.

In conclusion of this literary analysis, the author has used tactful literary techniques as discussed in the paragraphs above.


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