Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Huda Fatima


The title of the Text is Getting Lost and it has been written by Matt Inman. The language used in the passage is optimistic, “I couldn’t help but smile.” Despite all the difficulties he faced, the author is calm and is taking it positively instead of negatively. The tone of the passage is the same as the language. The author’s tone is expressed through the language he uses, so the tone is optimistic. The tone creates the atmosphere of the passage. The hopeful language and tone of the author reflects his mindset, helping the reader relate to the text and enjoy it more. The purpose of writing this passage was so that he could share his experience of travelling to a new city with people. This would appeal to a widespread audience of both the genders, and to many age groups. People interested in travelling would be interested. The sentences used are mostly simple and compound sentences, “I hopped on the bus and tried to relax on the bus.” Compound sentences are more descriptive and enjoyable for the reader to read. 

The author has used many adjectives to make his account more descriptive and imaginative, “big city”, “pouring rain” and “utterly lost”. Adjectives make an account more fun for the reader to read, and tend to make a text less bland, and they add emphasis on certain points by adding a dramatic effect.

The perspective of the author towards his difficult journey is very sanguine. Despite getting lost in a foreign country with an injured phone and a dying smartphone, the author is positive about his experience.This is evident through, “Travel has taught me to relish the time that did not go as planned.” Since the tone of the reader is cheerful and not negative, the reader is enjoying his tragedy just the way the author is. If the author had a negative perspective, the reader would be terrified of travelling. 

The author hyperbolically says, “in the middle of nowhere.” This adds emphasis to the point and makes the reader understand how badly the author was lost in a foreign city. The author has also used the rhetorical device of cliche, “something that made me feel alive.” This is a worn out expression used to display gratitude and happiness. Here, the reader can infer that despite all the challenges faced by the author, he is happy that he got a chance to travel around.

The language style of the passage is semi-formal and cheerful, this is evident through, “Nothing unexpectedly awesome happened on my trip, but i did get to see a new city”, the positive language styles makes the Text more enjoyable for a reader to read.

In conclusion, the author has used many rhetorical devices to enrich his passage. Adjectives, hyperboles, and cliches have all been used to make the text more imaginative and descriptive for the reader to read.  


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