Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Adan Irfan.


The text is titled ‘ getting lost ’ written by Matt Inman . He has written  an autobiography in which share his experience with the audience . he theme of the extract It’s a travel blog which shows an experience of  the writer of finding a city to see the green fields. The purpose of the writer is to entertain the reader as he shares his experience with the audience. The auteur has an intended audience which are mainly people who are interested in travelling and are tourists. But certainly he has also attracted young adults who love adventure. The tone of the passage is adventurous , as well willing to complete  his journey . The vocabulary used is simple with a hint of local dialect.   The structure of the passage is informal as he simply states everything that has happened with him . He has also used a sub topic ‘ lesson learned ’ .

Firstly the writer has used many Personal  pronouns like ‘I’  ‘ my’  which shows  that the author is narrating the story to the audience and is trying to present an informal extract.  The constant use of then involves the audience and  seems as if he is directly talking to them . 

Another thing he clearly mentions in his extract is an adventurous tone . With a lot of ups and downs you experience through your journey. ‘  getting lost makes for a much better story ’ and ‘ my guess is that this story will seem like a nightmare ’ . This statement is the evidence to my appeal put forth . As these lines convey that the author is used to getting into these kinds of troubles during his adventure thus he is now used to them . And the writer of the extract thinks that there is no Tesla fun until something goes wrong .

The whole first part of the text acts as an anecdote as the author narrates to his audience what actually happened . This appeal his evident from the statement ‘ I hopped on the bus ’ and ‘ at this point of the story ’  which makes the reader sympathetic and set ups  a scenario of the reader of the text  enjoying his extract . This appeal helps to bring a personal touch to extract as reader feels easy and comfortable while reader and analysis in his mind what  is going on 

A very common thing the writer has used through is symbolism which is evident from the fact ‘  you can picture me limping …’ , ‘ I stumbled upon the entrance of the subway ‘ and many more . This figure of speech  is used to add richness and colour to the text . Thus it conveys a deeper meaning to the audience that they experience the exact same thing the writer experienced. Thus appeal enhances the writer’s price of text and makes it more attention grabbing .

The author has stated his point of view clearly through the lines as he narrates his journey . And it is evident from the statement ‘  travel as taught me to relish the times ’ by which the authors want to convey to the reader of the text to understand . And to tell that very thing has pros and cons .

In conclusion the author has used several techniques to put forth his purpose . And to entertain the reader through the passage .


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