Q. Explain how Leila explains her experience of being a teacher in Fiji. By Areesha Fatima


This passage is an extract of an autobiography taken from a personal account called, ‘Leila Volunteered as a teacher in Fiji’ and obviously the author is Leila, herself. The purpose of writing is mainly influencing or inspiring the reader along with being informative. The audience targeted is everyone but mainly, teenagers or young adults who might want to get a job and/or experience in foreign countries. A simple yet impactful language has been used. The tone remains positive and influential throughout the passage. ‘Volunteering’ and ‘positivity towards oneself’ greatly highlight the theme.

Firstly, dialect can be spotted right at the beginning of the passage. For example, “bula”

This local dialect depicts that the author has ample knowledge about Fiji which is why words/phrases used in Fiji can be observed by the reader. Therefore, the passage becomes reliable and informative for the reader.

Moreover, the author has added sarcasm along with slight humor e.g. “on my road in England, I would be lucky if I got one ‘hello’ a week!” Through this technique, the author has conveyed her feelings and compared her experience in both Fiji and England. It also provokes laughter while reading through the passage.

Additionally, an antithesis written by the author has been a helpful tool for the author to express her feelings and experience. For example, “I’ve learnt about what makes me happy and what makes me sad, I’ve learnt about how I should treat myself and how I should treat others.” This particular device signifies two feelings which are opposite to each other and therefore Leila successfully engages with the reader and grabs his/her attention.

Furthermore, the positive tone has greatly reflected the author’s mood and attitude towards volunteering and the time she spent in Fiji. For example, ‘Fiji time, slow-paced’ “Therefore, I can say with confidence that patience is a skill that I have really developed.” “I feel more independent and have more faith in myself.” These examples show that the author has taken everything positively and become an example for people interested in volunteering for foreign countries. The reader feels encouraged and inspired to do the same.

Fifthly, triples has been a great addition to the passage which can be seen by, “Confidence, a positive attitude and open-mindedness are the best tools.”  This adds emphasis and proceeds with an impact on the reader. A greater effect can be achieved if the words are made stronger as the list builds up.

Adding to this, imagery is a great rhetorical technique used by the author. For example, “appointments are often not met and people stroll around very slowly in the streets. It’s quite usual to find yourself waiting around for someone or something to happen in Fiji.” This creates an image in the reader’s mind of what Fiji looks like and describes the environment too. It also provokes the reader to imagine themselves in the position of the author(Leila) as a volunteer in Fiji to understand her experience better.

Lastly, the theme or main idea of this passage is ‘volunteering’ which can be seen through, “Making a positive contribution is the best thing about volunteering.” “As a volunteer of seven months….” This connotes that the author is describing her experience as a volunteer which can be of great help for the reader and it also depicts that a relationship between the author and reader is built as if they are working in a volunteering organisation together.

In conclusion, Leila has achieved her purpose of writing this passage by using rhetorical techniques, however literary devices haven’t been used as much. She has shared her experience and encourages the reader to learn from it too.


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