The Talk of the Century By Shamel Mujtaba


Four friends meet in the garage where they hang out.

Jason: Okay boys! Here’s the plan! Dave! You need to be ready with the weird rickshaw-cycle thingy when you get my signal!

Dave: Easier than peasy.

Jason: Andy! You stall the driver so he comes late for the entire day.

Andy: I got my tyre puncturing kit ready and my ultra-annoying mask on!

Jason: Bob! What do you do?

Bob: I, uhh, well…

Jason: YOU finally confess to Lily! No stammering! Just recite the script I wrote and you’ll be fine.

Bob: Do I have to do this?

Dave: Every time you talk – no look at her – your legs start getting all jelly and you start stammering like your tongue got stung by a bee!

Andy: It is, the saddest thing…

Jason: (With horrified face) It makes me want to cry-every time. (Suddenly angry) And I never cry!

Bob: (Annoyed) Ok, I get the point!

Jason: Then let’s go! Operation ‘get Bob to finally confess to lily after time immortal’-is-a-go!

(Now outside, Lily’s driver has been stalled by Dave and Bob has to try to talk to her. Jason and Andy are on comms)

Jason: Ok, just play it cool okay. Don’t blow this.

Bob: (Gulps nervously, then walks over to lily) Heeeeey Girl…

Lily: (confused) Umm… Hi?

Andy: here we go again.

Jason: What the heck was that! Stick to the script you-

Bob: (Cuts him off) what’s ‘cookin?

Lily: (Very confused) Umm…

Bob: (Trying too hard to sound ‘cool’) Cool, cool, cool.

Lily: (Immeasurably confused) Okay?

Bob: So, uhh, what’s cooking?

Lily: You just said that…

Bob: Cool, Cool, Cool.

Lily: Are you feeling okay?

Bob: Yeah, yeah, I’m awesome right?

Lily: Umm, I guess so?

Jason: (Furious) What are you doing?

Bob: (whispers) Shut up Jason.

Lily: (Raises an eyebrow)

Bob: Umm… my, err, subconscious- uhh, was bugging me?

Lily: (Raises both eyebrows in disbelief)
(Lily’s driver now shows up in her car to pick her up from school. Lily speed walks towards the car and turns back to bob)

Lily: Bob?

Bob: ‘Sup, girl.

Lily: Consider getting-(hesitates) professional help.

Bob: Cool, Cool.

Lily: (frowns and gets in the car without saying goodbye)

Jason: Dave! You were supposed to stall!

Dave: (now also on comms) and bob was supposed to be remotely confident – or something – But not that!

Andy: So I guess no romantic rickshaw-cycle ride then?

Jason: (Face slaps over comms) Great work team.


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