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Black and Brave wrestling academy.

Black and Brave wrestling academy is a wrestling institution designed to teach people aged 18 years and above all wrestling techniques.

The Program:

  1. Black and Brave wrestling academy is a national program owned by professional wrestler Seth Rollins.
  2. The purpose of this program is to spread awareness about the importance of fitness and health.
  3. The program aims at making people tolerant to pain and teach them self defense.
  4. The program targets at spreading awareness about drug abuse and focus more on staying fit and healthy.
  5. The sessions mostly involve wrestling coaching and practice. It also includes workshops on healthy eating, to stay away from steroids for artificial muscle and fat.
  6. It enables people to stay fit in a natural and healthy way and help them to body build under professional supervision.


  1. Black and Brave wrestling academy holds sessions from Tuesday to Fridays personally conducted by Seth Rollins.
  2. The program owns a personal ring including personal coaches and teach wrestling techniques.
  3. Seth Rollins, gives an in depth lecture about wrestling and how it can be used for self -defense. He also teaches the members his finisher and signature moves.
  4. It keeps people busy in the evenings when they might be on the streets getting in trouble.
  5. The authorities and coaches better understand and react to the issues faced by people and help them in self-defense to fight against these issues.
  6. The program is also an influential way of delivering important messages.


  1. Researchers say wrestling encourages positive relationships with adult mentors and develop confidence, aspirations and skills to help people.
  2. It is scientifically proven that fitness leads to a better and healthy life.
  3. It allows people to meet other professional wrestlers like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Roman Reigns and talk about their wrestling techniques and learn from the absolute best.
  4. Mrs. Garcia reported she has never seen her son in such good condition and learning different techniques.
  5. Mr. Bob Arno also stated that Black and Brave wrestling academy is a good source of learning defense and survival skills.
  6. Most importantly it encourages people to think about their future, lead a happy healthy life with professional coaching and learn something they can use in future.

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