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‘Describe a Natural Environment’ by Amal Adil


The best thing about the mountains is the scenic beauty and the first thing that anybody would notice as soon as they go outside is the smell. The air is completely free of pollution and smells like pine trees and flowers. 


With every intake of air, it feels like your airways are being rid of all germs. In every spot, it feels like you are in a huge circle and mountains are bordering the circle. It feels like you are trapped, but trapped in an exceptionally beautiful and picturesque painting. The pine and fir trees scattered here and there tower over you with their majestic, wide-spread branches. 


In the summer season,the pine trees are at their greenest with their leaves rustling in the slight breeze. The sky seems even bigger and bluer than usual and completely devoid of clouds. Because of the high altitude of the mountains, there is almost always a slight breeze to help cool you down. The freshwater springs appear again and are gushing so much water that the springs look like streams of ice cold water. The sparkly, transparent water fertilises the soil and land around it making the grass look extremely lush and green. 


These springs are extremely easy to spot because from afar they look like diamonds glittering in the sunlight. Summer is a happy season, birds sing all day and in the night you can hear the fluttering of bats looking for a meal. The sun looks proud in summer and glows a warm, confident yellow. There is also the smell of wildflowers in the air that smells better than any Dior perfume.


However, with every season come great sceneries. As fall arrives, it brings beautiful colors and shades with it. The wind and rain during this season seem quite energetic and powerful. There is a slight chill in the air at night and in the morning, you would observe frost on the ground. Fruits turn ripe on trees and autumn smells like fruit waiting to be picked or fruit that has turned rotten and fallen onto the ground. Before they drop off the trees, leaves turn dazzling colors of reds and yellows. Although in autumn, you won’t hear birds singing their songs or wind rustling through the leaves. But you will hear the cry of the fox or a badger scrambling into the undergrowth. 


When winter comes, you enter the coldest and wettest season. The sky’s permanently overcast and on days that it is clear, the sun is low in the sky. In winter, the squirrels are extremely busy gathering nuts and getting ready for hibernation. Trees are completely bare of leaves and look dead and skeletal. It always snows in the mountains and when it does, it seems as if someone has spread a white blanket over them. 


Snow settles over the branches and almost anything that it can settle on. You can hear the piercing sound of the unbearably cold wind and the rain stings as it touches you. Overall, the mountains are truly a beautiful and artistic place whose beauty, just like any other natural environment, never fails to impress.



Write about half a page (300 words at least) on ‘The time when I was stuck at home’. This could be several paragraphs long. By Shamel Mujtaba


Ans. Right in the middle of the apocalypse(exams) a ray of light shone upon us, and the voice of our magnificent messiah could be heard clearly, “Schools closed from now on due to the virus”. Tears of supreme joy rained down the cheeks of all the unfortunate-now-fortunate souls who had not prepared themselves for judgement day.

So what now?

Now I grabbed my heavy AR and busted up some alien scum.

Now I armed myself with indestructible armour and went to slay a dragon.

Now I sat inside the world’s greatest speed machine and prepared to go well over five hundred kilometers per hour.

Now I…


Now I sat down and cried.

I mean why? It’s not like i can ever rid myself of the-end-of-all-fun (homework). Even IF i can muster the courage to finish it once-and-for-all it will still remain there, haunting me with similar visions of the future. 

Let me talk in English now. I wanted to play videogames but I couldn’t because my teachers were savage enough to give us homework despite total lockdown. Every time someone stepped out of their house they were followed by the barrel of a tank that was only two feet away.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that serious-but you get the point. 

In the end the assignment wouldn’t go anywhere right? And hence be pointless to complete?

Ha-Ha,you (I) wish.

Thanks to the twenty-first century and to the Internet we have online classes now! And online assignments. And online school. And online torture.

I have never hated the marvel that allowed me to play videogames-so much before.

Back in the day, a pandemic would just mean an excessive case of privacy. You wouldn’t talk to people and they wouldn’t  talk back. So, so peaceful.

Now I got my illiterate phone ringing at two a.m. 

All of a sudden my saviour had become my greatest foe. It was intolerable. It was absurd. It was…

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start working!”

Thanks mum, I feel really comforted. 

What was I saying?

Oh yes.

It was absurd. It was completely and totally illogical. But what could be done?

I couldn’t even sit in a confession circle to convince all the other pathetic losers that my life was even more pathetic than theirs. (If you haven’t tried that yet, you really should) 


Because this time I was stuck at home.