Newspaper Report: Q).You are a reporter for a local newspaper and you write a report on people who suffer accidents on hiking trips. In your report include the following: the difficulties they encounter/how they survive /how these could be avoided. Think carefully about the purpose of your report and the audience for whom it is intended. By: Maham Ali



The dreadful terror of escapade.

Is it really worth risking your life to fall into your own demise?

Thursday, 21st, February, 2019.

Author: Maham Ali

In Bray, County Wicklow town in the central republic of Ireland it was reported Aleister Black age twenty three had suffered a serious accident after his hike to Mount Brandon. Aleister was reported to have broken bones and torn muscles.

Aleister suffered a shatterimg blow as he slid head first on his back ripping off the mountain. By the time help arrived Aleister was already unconscious .The doctors stated he was bleeding with broken limbs and bones protruding in several places, yet he still breathed.

Another atrocious incident had been observed several days after Aleister Black’s accident. At 5:30 pm sharp Patrick Wilson was reported to have set out for a hike to Mount Everest. Patrick had suffered a gruesome fall resulting in a grotesque distortion in the right knee. He was about eleven or twelve feet high.

Patrick suffered a terrible fall when his rope had cut lose leaving him vulnerable to a frightful fall. After receiving medical attention Patrick was interviewed about how he suffered and how he saved himself. He stated he had pressed his back against the mountain he squatted and gripped the mountain allowing him to reach safely to the ground but he required immediate medical attention.

Yesterday there had been an addition to another accident. Deter, a boy in the age group of 10-12 years went for a hike on a cliff with his friends. The boys were cycling when Deter slipped off the cliff tripping, falling and landing directly on the road.

Deter had been bleeding from the head with a broken ankle. The boy suffered this accident when a rough edged rock came under his cycle resulting in a flat tyre. His leg had been crushed, twisted and broken. The driver approaching from the other end of the road stopped his car in the nick of time rushing Deter to the hospital.

Horrific incidents were reported to happen one after the other and each one of them more gruesome then the other. One of the most dreadful amongst these were a brutal hiking trip. Zelina Vega age 33 set out on a hike to the Himalayas. Just like Patrick Wilson she met the same fate but a little more dreadful.

Zelina had hit the base of the mountain almost smashing against the rocks. But she tried everything to save herself. She made use of her arms and legs suspending her weight on the rope and climbing down. Zelina hung slackly on one side locking her left knee and with her right foot moving slowly down the mountain.

Just when Zelina thought she was about to reach safely the rope frayed twisted making her fall onto the rounded pile of rocks. Zelina’s bones were fractured in five different places with a broken rib cage crushing her body and limbs. Even after receiving prompt medical attention she suffered from internal bleeding. After suffering from such a fall her body is now paralyzed.

Many dreadful incidents took place one after the other resulting in serious injuries. It was reported that people who witnessed these incidents state that the hikers should make use of proper security purposes and equipments.

An elderly man stated “These men and women should put their safety first and use excellent equipments that guarantee safety”. However, it is true and they should always put safety first and stay away from reckless things and hiking trips.




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