Narrative: The Prize by Umer Alee


Years of planning had gone down.Months of training and numerous lessons.All of it , was about to be paid off.

“So when do we go in?,” asked number three,in an overly excited tone.
“You’ll know soon enough”, I replied with a devious grin.
My plan was perfect.Every outcome accounted for.Every scenario, played in my mind numerous times.Nothing could go wrong!
“Sober up everyone,we going tomorrow.” I inform the crew.
Everything was set up, all the gear packed, the crew pumped up.I stood proud,in front of the brilliant team of murders I had assembled and trained for a long time.
This was probably the last time I would see them if things went sideways; It was like a mother watching her child for college.
The crew: over briefed,over prepared,over excited,were ready to set out.
“Any last advice?,”number four joked around.
“Eye….on….the prize,” I replied in an overly dramatic tone.
My eight brilliant criminals had set out, as I stayed behind to monitor things from the outside. Alas,they were ready to rob the “National Gold Reserves of Italy”.
Everything was perfect.They had broken into the building and had taken everyone hostage as told so. It was transitioning so smoothly that at one point, even I was not sure how.
Ah, yes.God had to spice things up, didn’t he?
Some of the hostages managed to escape, as my ‘overly prepared’ crew was too lazy to tie them up of course.
It was time, time to leave, as we had run out of time.
The police had it, they were going to barge in, any second. I told the crew to disperse and escape.We had almost everythig, about five thousand tonnes of gold, sneaked through the sewage pipe lines.Some shitty gold all right.
I collected the gold from the outside and hid it well, while my crew escaped, as “rescued hostages” and then went underground in cities like Rio and Madagascar for a while.
Well atleast, this was the theory.In reality the police came in way before we anticipated.It was one epic shootout.We had no choice!
After a while,I saw the police retreat.I was relieved and sat next to the phone waiting for it to ring.
It rang.
“We lost him boss, we lost him,” Number three cried.
Number two was shot dead as he tried to buy time for the rest of his crew to escape.He was a brave soul, and I promised, not to let his sacrifice go to waste.
 It was a (nearly) perfect robbery.
 It took months for the crisis to calm down, things went back to normal and I assembled the crew.This time only,one less in number.
I took them to the gold, the perfect prize for a perfect heist.
Worth about a billion US dollars,the money was divided,number two’s share donated and the crew was instructed,
                “ Never Meet Again.”

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