Leaflet: The United Minority Club! By NoorulAin Saif 10B


Leaflet by NoorulAin Saif 10B

The United Minority Club!

Are you facing difficulty in settling down after newly migrating? Do you feel like an odd one out in a foreign society? Well, no need to fret, because our club will help you out of the dark.

Our club aims to make minorities feel at home in a place completely unfamiliar to them. America is a big country and we will help in finding hidden opportunities here and look at the better side of your transition, ignoring the negativity.

What to expect?

Starting off, your first few days in a new community would bring you various attitudes and unfamiliar actions.  Soon you’ll settle in, pop your minority bubble and become aware that there is a new world out there other than your home country and its worth exploring. However, you may need to expect the following:

  • Glaring eyes at your, comparatively different, cultural appearance. Your facial features, sense of clothing and most importantly your accent may be admired or even ridiculed. Therefore, it would again be better to ignore the negativity and look at the bright side; you are unique!
  • Locals asking you questions about your appearance and wrongly assuming your ethnicity; basically treating you like a new and unrecognizable creature.
  • Some racist people avoiding you and having unwelcoming attitudes; remember not to let them get to you.
  • Not being able to find the perfect, welcoming and friendly group of friends, which is why we are here to help you!
  • Finding people with unusual family backgrounds, don’t feel complex by them, you’re your own kind of unique.

What are the differences?

Different countries mean different traditions, cultures and cuisines. The differences are uncanny in every aspect of two countries so you may face the following:

  • As usual as this is, you may encounter difference in attitudes and upbringing, for example all of you newly migrated teenagers might feel complex by the preferences of your new friends that may not be acceptable in your traditions, like going out at late hours and attending big parties. In such a case, you shouldn’t feel discouraged by such actions and feel pride in your unique identity, which our club will help you in widely.
  • Secondly, another difference you will face is the difference in cuisines. You may not find your favorite cultural food in a small state and that’s why our group hosts an all you can eat culture party!
  • Again, where once in your previous school an ordinary classmate, you will now be the attraction of the party. It’s good to take this advantage of ‘glaring eyes’ and make more friends.
  • You must, however, stay vigilant as everyone is different in a new environment, so surely be nice to everyone but don’t trust all.

What are the opportunities?

The best part about migrating is the open door to a gallery of opportunities! There would be a lot of people in your home town who would love to migrate and avail opportunities missing in their region, so consider yourself ‘the chosen one’.

  • You can find a whole lot of opportunities to develop your interests and avail chances of attending sports events, art competitions, camping adventures, all according to your interests.
  • America has one of the best universities in the whole world, with schools giving you loads of opportunities and a high level (and affordable) education.
  • As a large country, America has a great deal of job opportunities that are vast and satisfy almost every interest to exist.
  • Not only this, our country has one of the best recreational activities and sites like amazing theme parks, panic rooms, racing tracks and Disneyland!

So, in conclusion, we understand adapting to a new country is difficult but it’s worth it! Things that you once resented, you’d start loving them. As a club, we pledge to make all of our members to feel at home and feel grateful for a transition in their homeland.

If our approach satisfies you, call now at +823145693 and register to have a great time every week in the company of our friendly group. We look forward to welcome you to our community and bond with you to our fullest.

Email: minorityunited@gmail.com

Contact number: +823145693



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