Leaflet: Moving to a new country. By Areesha Fatima



  1. Imagine that you have recently moved to a new country and there you are a minority. Write a leaflet for other people of minority groups that would help ease their transition. Include:
  • What to expect
  • What are the differences
  • What are the opportunities


From One Minority to Another

How to protect the rights of minorities?

This leaflet is a source of guidance for minorities to ease their transition.


Firstly, minorities should expect:

  • Racial discrimination.
  • People belonging to diverse cultures.
  • A feeling of being isolated or alienated.
  • Disagreements and misconceptions based on differences.
  • Different lifestyles and routines.

Furthermore, the differences are:

  • A slight or huge difference in the accent and/or language.
  • Religious, cultural and social sacraments may differ.
  • Food, beverages and cuisines are different in every country.
  • You may experience unusual customs and rituals.
  • There will be a difference in the way people think, their opinions and choices.

Along with this, there are many opportunities:

  • Better educational institutes (schools, colleges and universities)
  • A source of better and certain wages with job opportunities.
  • Discovering new places and learning about the country’s history.
  • A productive way of learning new languages and accents.
  • Noticeable improvements in the field of tourism.
  • A new country will be a great source of employment.
  • Better health care facilities and services.
  • An opportunity to explore different lifestyles and experience the pros and cons of living in a new country as a minority.

Moving on, after a survey, it is shown that many minorities encourage living in new countries. This would help in improving communication and expressing skills as this experience is one in a lifetime. A healthy environment will be established and most importantly, the rights of minorities will also be protected.

This further leads to:

  • A peaceful and prosperous and society.
  • Foreign exchange
  • Improves worldly and international relations and affairs.
  • Freedom of speech and a healthy environment.
  • Developing language skills and building a personality.

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