Discursive: Teenagers spend too much time on their mobile phones and computers, to what extent do you agree with this view? By Subhan Bin Yousaf 11-E


As decades pass, the impact of technology continues to increase and affect the minds of the youth. For example, teenagers in early twentieth century were often seen helping their fathers in the farm or helping their mothers maintain the welfare of their house. Moving on to a century later, times have changed, teenagers who are expected to prove themselves as finally being mature and responsible, actually deliver the opposite of what the parents intended. The question is: what actually is driving them to behave in such way? Why have parents lost hope with their own children? Why are the 20th century generations’ civilians concerned about the future of the twenty-first century generations’ civilians? Lets break down this issue and find out reasons why.


The problem is that technology of the twenty-first century has enslaved the modern youth in its grasp. People in favour of handing mobiles in the hands of teenagers believe that by owning a mobile or a laptop, A student can use these devices to assist them in their studies. Professor Nawaf Sheikh of Saudi Arabia’s International University, has stated that owning a mobile actually can help a student carry out his study activity. He says that teachers themselves encourage students to own a mobile over which a teacher can provide notes to her/his students with a touch of the screen. Those opposed to handing teenagers mobile phones believe that owning a mobile phone can lead a student’s outstanding performance in studies to downfall. Professor Jojo Jehangir of the ministry of youth affairs, believes that there is mounting evidence that mobiles can destruct good grades. Over his 20 years in this profession, he has researched that over sixty-seven percent of students with outstanding results, fall down the mountain of success, with the mobile phone being responsible for their downfall. He says that the percentage continues to get piqued year after year.

Teenagers have grown lethargic ever since they were handed the mobile phones. Proponents of the use of mobiles for teenagers say that mobiles actually help a teenager with his activity and fitness. Professor Samwell Tarly of Oldtown’s Citadel institute has stated that teenagers download applications in their mobile, which assist them in finding an activity to carry out or the fitness enthusiastic teenagers download applications which track the feats the teenager ran throughout a day’s period. At the same time, Opponents of handing mobile phones in the hands of teenagers maintain that teenagers have lost their will to move a muscle, they remain restricted to their beds and if they are called upon, you summon them after your third call or they summon you when you have to go to them yourself. Doctor John Watson of London’s Institute of fitness believe that enslaving oneself to grasp of technology means to experience a lack of interest for exercise, activity, work or sport. You become used to laying on your bed which is why teenagers behave this way.


Teenagers see a mobile phone as a source to socialize with people. Those who support handing mobiles to teenagers suggest that when teenagers interact on social media through their mobile devices, not only do they socialize, but they remain calm and in joy as they talk to their friends. Monica Geller, a senior journalist has wrote in his book that using a mobile to interact on social media helps reduce the stress in a teenager’s life, helps build in confidence in a teenager as he interacts with all kinds of people. Furthermore, Critics of handing mobile phones in the hands of teenagers believe that using social media can also impact a teenager negatively. A teenager can find himself reading hate speech, motivating him to hate a particular group, he may find himself exploring the dark side of the web. Doctor Skyler White of Albuquerque’s University of Human Relations has found out that using social media has led to a noticeable change in a teenager’s behavior, He behaves aggressively, finds out about ways to inflict suffering to the people he/she hates.

To sum up, I am in favour of handing mobiles phones to teenagers because using mobiles can help a teenager save his notes and study additionally from the Internet. Mobile devices also have applications which help to find activities for a teenager or help him with his fitness. Using social media on mobile also helps a teenager remain happy, away from the stress of the world, Increases confidence of a teenager and helps him gain knowledge of modern studies. If you don’t hand mobiles to teenagers, they will never learn to mature or ever learn to cope with the business of the world or its different people. Its upto you to decide if mobiles are beneficial for character development or a source for being distracted from the world.


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