Discursive: Should teens be able to buy violent videos games By Noor Ul Ain Saif 10 – B


Ans. Should teens be accessible to violent videos games? Or should violent video games be banned from them? Mainly adults feel that violent videos games produce violent teens and high levels of violence in the surrounding, but mainly teens argue that those are solely for fun. Both points are valid and will be discussed in this essay.

Opponents of the topic maintain that violent videos games develop a violent mindset of the youngsters playing it and normalize guns, bombs and murders. It is believed that the increasing violence in today’s world is a result of the violence presented in the videos which develops an aggressive behavior in the young adults. A recent study at Harvard by the psychology specialists proves that eighty seven percent of school shooters are teens between the ages the 15 and 18. The psychologists infer that the teenagers are influenced by violence in video games that create a violent, and aggressive and intolerant mindset.

However, proponents of the topic feel that video games do not have a bad impact on the teens and are solely for fun and skill. They argue that instead of developing a violent mindset, videos games teach teenagers self defense techniques and also shows them the real, rebel world. Arnold Johnson, a young teenage boxer says that he developed the passion of boxing from a violent video game and learnt many boxing techniques from it. This supports the topic saying that violent videos games have an important advantage that happens to be very useful these days. What do you think? Do u believe violence in video games can be served as helpful?

Nevertheless, people against the topic argue that violent video games are highly addictive and are the reason teens are always glued to their devices: shooting fellow playing and causing chaos. In a recent experiment by the Youtube Celebrity Mr.Beast, he gave two teens videos games, to one a peaceful game like minecraft and to the other a violent game like PUBG. His experiment showed that after one hour the teen got bored of the peaceful game and turned it off, however the other teen kept playing the violent game for 6 hours and only turned it off because he was tired. This experiment determined that the games are highly addictive.

In retrospect, advocated of the topic maintain that it is not specifically violent games that are addictive but every kind of game is addictive. They believe that violent games aren’t only at fault and are rather stress relieving as the teens enjoy them. A quote by the owner of playstation goes as, “Nowadays, video games are the escape from this cruel reality.”

Consequently, critics of the topic believe that violent video games teach teens to go against a particular group of people, for example people for color, as in violent games, mostly they are to go against a particular sect. A research shows that 67% of video games are influencing racism, homophobia and religion based preference.

At the same time, campaigners of the topic believe that the violent games are only for the entertainment purposes and only some influence teens to go against a particular group and it is usually bad people like terrorists. So it is inferred that their games only cause people to act towards the ‘bad’ people.

In conclusion, it is learnt that violent video games have many bad effects on teens and the environment. In the opinion, violent video games should be banned for teens as they take influence of the violence and absorb it. As the novelist, Martha Benson says, “video games are the main reasons for the destruction of this generation.”


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