Discursive: ‘Parents do not have enough control over their children’  By Areesha Obaid

As the world has evolved over the many years so has the style of parenting. In old years there was a certain way of parenting mostly strict, and children would have to follow their parents. Parents controlled their children, but over the years this has changed and parents have changed the way of parenting and let their children loose off the control. Do you think you have enough control over your child?
Firstly, supporters of the topic believe that, parents do not keep a check on their children which is why they have lost control of their children. The mother of Adrian a drug addict at just the age of 17 states that if she had kept a check on Adrians phone he would not be a drug addict today.
In retrospect, critics of the topic suggest that parents should not keep a check on their child’s phone. After a recent research Dr. Carl a psychologist states,”These days children are very possessive of their cellphones. It acts as an emotional vault and if you snoop through it, they feel as if their privacy has been invaded.” He further says,”You should just ask your child about what they are doing or just wait for them to communicate with you.” Basically you should not invade your child’s privacy as that would result in a loss of trust.
Secondly, followers of the topic argue that parents should not always listen to everything a child says. A boarding school principal states,”Emotions make your child weak, they are just an excuse. It is not necessary to listen to everything they say.” This is how they control children.
In contrast, people against the topic argue that parents need to listen to what their child is saying and communicate with them. A recent research shows that 80% of the teenagers fall into depression and other stress related problems because they can’t share their problems to their parents; the people who they can actually fully trust and depend on. Clearly this means that parents should listen to whatever their child is trying to tell them. They believe this gives their child confidence and does not try to do anything that would hurt the child or their parents.
Furthermore, advocates of the topic maintain that parents should not let their child work when they are in school. They state that when a child goes to work no one is responsible for them and they are under no supervision. This is the time where they can go where they want and do whatever they want to do. This gives them too much freedom and no one holds them accountable for what they do with the money they earn. This leads to parents losing control over their child. This is mounting evidence that parents do not have control over their children.
On the other hand challengers of the topic claim that, children should be given the freedom to work when they are in school. A teen interviewed said that, “I work part time jobs it adds to my experience, my education is not affected and doing this job just helps me save money for college and shopping.” Parents claim that it brings no harm to the child and just helps the child be financially independent and teaches them how to be adults. This clearly shows that giving a child freedom does not lead them to be out of control.
Some people believe that, parents should check their children’s phones, not give them freedom, and should not listen to what their children are saying to them. Similarly, some people believe the opposite. I believe that whether a child is under control or not depends on how the child is brought up. I further believe that parents should not invade a child’s privacy, they should definitely listen to them and give them limited freedom.

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