Discursive Essay:Should teens be able to buy violent video games? By Areesha Fatima


Discursive Essay

  1. Should teens be able to buy violent video games?


Violent video games, is it a treat or are teens mistreating it? Has it brought tranquility or chaos in the society? In recent times, there has been a huge trend of violent video games which have attracted its main audience, teens. This will be discussed in the essay below.

Firstly, people in favor of the topic believe that it is totally fine if teens buy violent video games as they are mature and sensible enough to understand it. Teens of age group 13-19 are fully involved in their game which shows that they understand everything and learn any or everything or action mentioned or displayed in the video game. A recent study carried out by the International Video Games Research Board (IVGRB) stated that, “We make these video games for teens to enhance their thinking and knowledge in a different way along with having fun.”

On the contrary, opponents of the topic maintain that a teen’s brain is still developing and they are still immature. This means that a child may create or imagine his/her false thoughts and might not understand the video game. The very famous child psychologist, Sarah Timberlake said, “Children of age 13 to 19 are still immature as their brain is developing so violent video games are harmful for them.”

Moreover, supporters of the topic state that when a teen will play violent video games, he/she will learn new techniques and tactics that will help them in the future when they will encounter something of that sort. A teen will be able to learn how to face any evil or negative action as the best video gamer named Bugha Richard stated in an interview that, “After playing almost every video game in the world, I think that it is very beneficial as I got to know how to encounter any violence I faced in the future. I remember when my fierce senior came to me and asked me about any violence and slightly pushed me (bullied me), I was able to answer him as I learnt it from one of my favorite video games.”

In contrast, critics of the topic believe that if a teen plays violent video games, they learn useless things and may fall into evil actions as a result become violent. A professor from Harvard university who has now become an ex video gamer said that about 62% teens have fallen into the trap of violent video games. This shows that if one teen sees these violent actions, another teen can learn this from him/her and as a result the whole society will be affected. This will promote violence in the society.

Furthermore, advocates of the topic claim that teens should be able to have their freedom of choices and that they are old enough to buy violent video games and able to differentiate between good and bad. They think that violent video games are harmless and their addiction is unstoppable. A father of three children, Joe Jonas stated that, “Video games have helped my children and they are not harmful at all.” This shows that teens can buy violent video games.

However, opponents of the topic believe that violent video games are very addicting and exceeding the limit of anything is harmful. A great deal of critics in Teens Specialist Board (TSB) stated that about 76% teens are addicted to violent video games and they have been distressed from their life. These critics have signified that violent video games are harmful for every single teen.

So, I am against the idea of teens buying violent video games as I believe that they are very addictive and they have caused harm to many teens. This shows that this trend needs to be reduced and eliminated from the society. Violent video games, lead to either success or failure.





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