Descriptive: Q) Describe a Train ride By Ibrahim Khan 10-F



In the warm golden wheat fields the train rowed like a bird gliding in the wind . I was sitting in one of the many sleepers of the steam powered train . The compartment was small yet spacious. The walls of the compartment were covered in a bright green wallpaper with rosy pink imprinted lilies. I was sitting on the fuzzy leather cushioned seats that were situated on both sides the compartment.on my side was a large window frame that opened up to the wheat fields.i had my newspaper in my hand with the sunlight falling on it. A cup of bright bronze coloured whisky was sitting on the table rippling in the rhythm with the rumbling of the train.

The trains wheels would screech and bang. The sound was almost like a bird flapping its wings. Now and then the conductor would pull on the train horn and the train would growl like a bull. The sound of the train with the slight rumbling of gentleman outside my compartment was oddly in a way peaceful.

In an unusual way the train provided many scents for my nose.from the outside the smell of burning coal and steam was present and right outside my sleeper I could smell a very familiar scent of black coffee that someone had probably left around.even the smell of fresh printed paper came from the newspaper I was reading.

The cold breeze from the outside was just enough .not to cold and too warm either .it felt soothing on my arm.

As the would gallop into a tunnel it would roar one more time before entering the darkness. I never got used to it .it would always catch me by surprise. The trains shouts would always catch me by surprise. The trains shouts would get even more dreadful it entered the tunnel. The darkness would swallow everything . It almost seemed like entering the underworld, full of darkness and screams of terror

However , the best part was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Leaving the darkness a bright light would hit you and the painful screeches of the train would subside. In a way it was almost like a train to paradise


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