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Descriptive: A moment of utmost happiness by Abdullah Chatta


I sat in my sea, both legs clenched, my teeth stomping with one another, and each of my hair strands spiking up from my skin. Each of my sweat glands had reacted to my highly strung state of mind, as they continued to secrete surplus amounts of sweat. I could feel my body go numb as the sweat droplets crawled down my cheeks; that’s when I heard the words, “Te award goes to Abdullah Chattha!” I exhaled breaths of relief, as if I was a gazelle who successfully outmaneuvered a troop of lions. The echoes of the cheering and claps resonated throughout the hundred feet tall auditorium.

My legs and arms still vibrating, I placed all my weight on my feet, as I stood up, and felt that I had entered the utopia that I desired for the past three packed, busy and intense days of the competition. As I made my way down the carpeted staircase, I was brainstorming what I had to say upon reaching the stage. Still recovering from the euphoric shock, I slithered up the stage to collect my first ever trophy. Looking at the glistening trophy which possessed a smooth, and glassy, white surface made my heart pump faster than it already was. I was finally receiving the fruits of my labor. As I collected my award, I returned to my seat to further examine the specimen I held in my hands. The jagged endings, reflective surface, and the four by four base I held in my hands was something I poured every ounce of hard work into.

Indulged in joyness, my brain refused to divert its attention to anything else. The feeling of utmost, after hold on to it, there’s nothings to make you take your grasp off it.  I felt like a toddler who refused to let go of his most precious toy. The euphoria and the alacrity I displayed to receive the award was similar to the toddler analogy. The adrenaline rush I experienced, which allowed me to feel the blood rushing till the tips of my fingers, had finally come to a halt. This too was the time when I had finally confirmed that I was not living within a false consciousness. Words can still not define the complex thought processes that floated within my brain as I stood at the pinnacle of my happiest moments. I let my happiness consume me and all my senses that had been heightened to the anxiety I encountered earlier were returning back to their habitual state.

The memory of me standing in front of five hundred formally dressed and culturally diverse delegates to receive one of my most coveted items, still plays in my head in the form of a tape recording. My breathless self being told to calm down by the chief guest of the event, the camera flashes being reflected of the retina of my eyes, or even the loud applauds that blanketed me are part of the jovial moment I experienced. Although there were some things, I did during this time period that I’m not overly fond of, all in all it was an unforgettable moment of utmost happiness.


Descriptive: Question: Describe your favorite place, real or imaginary. By Alina Ahmed


I turned the knob of the door; it squeaked open and I stepped through into paradise. The room was large enough to fit at least two adult elephants. There were thousands of shelfs scattered throughout the space and though they were inanimate objects, something about the way these dark chocolate colored, wooden pieces of furniture stood reflected the bold stance of a saluting soldier. The different scripts of knowledge rested on their hosts, creating rows of colors, bleeding and blending into one another.

As I shuffled forward, the wooden, terracotta floor boards creaked beneath my feet. Golden sunlight streaked in through the huge, glass windows that made up the wall, parallel to the door. The room, suddenly, seemed to be bathing in the pouring rays of honey sunshine as though the break in silence had breathed the place alive.

The stench of turpentine oil, saw dust, old paper and ink exploded into my nose, triggering a strange nostalgia. They came from the beautiful paintings, piercing into the soul, that hung on all the peachish- beige walls.

I climbed the staircase to the upper portion, running my hand, slowly, across the ice cold railing. The sounds of singing birds flooded into the room overpowering the echo of my drifting feet. The coffee mug I held filled warmth throughout my skin.

I looked up at the painting on the ceiling of the creation of Adam by Michael Angelo. This was one of the major reasons I loved this place. The bright and dull colors contrasting and complimenting one another was an unworldly sight. It was made with such inhumane beauty, it sent shivers down my back.

This was my favorite place. The library. My childhood.my memories, my everything was created here. It was all I knew.

Descriptive: Q) Describe your favourite place. This may be a real or imaginary location. By Aaizah Tahir


A) I sat on the single stair with my bare feet in the soft, lush grasss. It looked as if someone had spilled a vividly, mossy green paint onto the ground. The coolness of the foliage spread under the soles of my caloused feet, tingling. It spread a wave of serene calmness over me. The silent chirping of the small creatures of the night, and the tiny, yet bright fireflies dancing around me looking like brightly burning stars, washed over me like a hurricane, drowning away my persistant and nagging thoughts.

I looked up and saw what appeared to be a navy blue, almost black blanket sprawled over, dusted with tiny specks of dust and fire, shining and twinkling constantly as if in chaos; it was as if they were ready to combust any moment. Millions of constellations were spread out over the vast night sky, as clear as day. A white bullet had punctured the gorgeous canvas above and had made its home, illuminating everything in its reach.

A wide-eyed owl was perched in the woody branch of the looming tree on my right. It stayed hidden, camouflaging into the tree with its chocolate brown feathers, except for its big, round eyes watching me calmly. It observed my every move. It gave off an eerie aura. My concrete grey and white husky lay by my exhausted legs. It looked at peace as if it wanted to stay there forever. Its big pointy ears were relaxed and turned slightly downwards with its eyes, a dull blue looking like wet-pavement at the time, on the swing nearby.

I suddenly got up and sat on the swing; the white paint of it chipped off by frequent use, revealing a rusted, bronze metal underneath. I swung lightly humming along the soft breeze which ruffled up my long, blood-red hair.

I stared at the white-picket fence across me. It was immensely tall, blocking my view from the outside as if protecting me.

In this moment I was calm and relaxed. It set up a serene atmosphere. My backyard was my favourite place in the entire world. It was my enclosed place where I forgot about all my worries. It was my safe haven.



Newspaper Report: Q).You are a reporter for a local newspaper and you write a report on people who suffer accidents on hiking trips. In your report include the following: the difficulties they encounter/how they survive /how these could be avoided. Think carefully about the purpose of your report and the audience for whom it is intended. By: Maham Ali



The dreadful terror of escapade.

Is it really worth risking your life to fall into your own demise?

Thursday, 21st, February, 2019.

Author: Maham Ali

In Bray, County Wicklow town in the central republic of Ireland it was reported Aleister Black age twenty three had suffered a serious accident after his hike to Mount Brandon. Aleister was reported to have broken bones and torn muscles.

Aleister suffered a shatterimg blow as he slid head first on his back ripping off the mountain. By the time help arrived Aleister was already unconscious .The doctors stated he was bleeding with broken limbs and bones protruding in several places, yet he still breathed.

Another atrocious incident had been observed several days after Aleister Black’s accident. At 5:30 pm sharp Patrick Wilson was reported to have set out for a hike to Mount Everest. Patrick had suffered a gruesome fall resulting in a grotesque distortion in the right knee. He was about eleven or twelve feet high.

Patrick suffered a terrible fall when his rope had cut lose leaving him vulnerable to a frightful fall. After receiving medical attention Patrick was interviewed about how he suffered and how he saved himself. He stated he had pressed his back against the mountain he squatted and gripped the mountain allowing him to reach safely to the ground but he required immediate medical attention.

Yesterday there had been an addition to another accident. Deter, a boy in the age group of 10-12 years went for a hike on a cliff with his friends. The boys were cycling when Deter slipped off the cliff tripping, falling and landing directly on the road.

Deter had been bleeding from the head with a broken ankle. The boy suffered this accident when a rough edged rock came under his cycle resulting in a flat tyre. His leg had been crushed, twisted and broken. The driver approaching from the other end of the road stopped his car in the nick of time rushing Deter to the hospital.

Horrific incidents were reported to happen one after the other and each one of them more gruesome then the other. One of the most dreadful amongst these were a brutal hiking trip. Zelina Vega age 33 set out on a hike to the Himalayas. Just like Patrick Wilson she met the same fate but a little more dreadful.

Zelina had hit the base of the mountain almost smashing against the rocks. But she tried everything to save herself. She made use of her arms and legs suspending her weight on the rope and climbing down. Zelina hung slackly on one side locking her left knee and with her right foot moving slowly down the mountain.

Just when Zelina thought she was about to reach safely the rope frayed twisted making her fall onto the rounded pile of rocks. Zelina’s bones were fractured in five different places with a broken rib cage crushing her body and limbs. Even after receiving prompt medical attention she suffered from internal bleeding. After suffering from such a fall her body is now paralyzed.

Many dreadful incidents took place one after the other resulting in serious injuries. It was reported that people who witnessed these incidents state that the hikers should make use of proper security purposes and equipments.

An elderly man stated “These men and women should put their safety first and use excellent equipments that guarantee safety”. However, it is true and they should always put safety first and stay away from reckless things and hiking trips.



Informal Letter: Q).You recently read about the culinary habits of various cultures at school. Write a letter to your friend telling what you have learnt. Include: preferences of different cultures/ how these are caught and served/ how locals enjoy delicacy and relevant sports. Think carefully of your letter and the audience for whom it is intended. By: Maham Ali



                                                                                              Sunset Street,

                                                                                              Pensacola Florida,

                                                                                              November 14th 2018,

Dear Joe,

How are you? I hope you are doing well and I recently heard from Seth that you shifted into your new apartment. I know how that rollercoaster ride goes but I’m sure you will make it through. The first week is hectic but do not worry you will get use to it. How are the dogs doing?

Anyways, I recently read about these culinary habits of various cultures at school and I must say I was quite impressed. According to their culture they have these beliefs and sayings. At first I found it unusual but it is their way of living yet I still found their odd habits interesting.

The way they make their food is just unbelievable not only that they even have these limped chickens. Which means that those chickens lack in strength and firmness. I cannot even begin to think how their meat would taste. I even read that the meat of some animals can be disturbingly red.

According to my book it is even said that these people enjoy eating blubber of whales. This brings up to my attention if they like eating this type of unusual meals, I wonder how they would feel if they got a chance to taste our food? The fact that it is rich in minerals and vitamins is bizarre.

As we were reading the teacher told us to search up the beliefs of their culture.. I was really excited to search it up and you will not believe when I tell you this the dark rich meat is priceless and it is said to heal any injuries caused to anyone may it be humans or animals. I think it might be like a healing crystal for them.

Moreover, my book even mentioned about these famous restaurants and hotels that served food which was uncommon. I guess you can refer to it as “one of a kind”. This famous chief named Eddie Guerraro serves his popular dish of gizzards and it is spread on top of vegetables with different sauces. I wonder how anyone would have an appetite to eat all that.

Not only do these people enjoy the delicacy of their extraordinary food they even use it to make equipments. In accordance to their beliefs when they make tools out of it, it is said to bring certain victory for them which is also quiet unusual. But I think it’s a good thing for them to stick to their beliefs and be firm. Rumor has it that a man made harpoon tips and handles out of the whale blubber and when he returned from his hunting trip he had hunted the most ferocious beasts lurking in the wild.

Anyhow, do you remember how my grandma had rabbits and guinea pigs at her farm, these people consider them to be a part of their important food. It is essential for them to eat this, I do not mean to criticize but that is just rude, how can anyone eat rabbits?

They even have this tradition that on any occasion a gift or wine is not considered just gifting a pair of guinea pigs is more then enough. Can you believe that? After reading about their culinary habits, cultures and beliefs I really want to visit this country.

But of course that can not be done since I’m busy with school and you are busy with your work. As we were nearing to the end of this topic the teacher pointed out that the people of this country consider Artic whales to be their spirit animals. This animal was precious to them in a lot of ways. It was even reported that they could communicate under water. But according to them it was an important animal for haunting, eating and helping them to survive.

So that is all I read about, pretty interesting right? I was just amazed at the intelligence and at the creativity of these people. I hope I did not bore you but I would really appreciate if you took some time out and read about this online. Trust me you will not regret it. Anyways take care my dear friend, I  am looking forward to hearing from you.




Leaflet: Q).You are a marketing manager and have been asked to create a leaflet advertising sport. In your leaflet include the following: what is the purpose of the project/ what are its features/ what do researchers say. Think carefully about the purpose your leaflet and the audience for whom it is intended. By: Maham Ali


Black and Brave wrestling academy.

Black and Brave wrestling academy is a wrestling institution designed to teach people aged 18 years and above all wrestling techniques.

The Program:

  1. Black and Brave wrestling academy is a national program owned by professional wrestler Seth Rollins.
  2. The purpose of this program is to spread awareness about the importance of fitness and health.
  3. The program aims at making people tolerant to pain and teach them self defense.
  4. The program targets at spreading awareness about drug abuse and focus more on staying fit and healthy.
  5. The sessions mostly involve wrestling coaching and practice. It also includes workshops on healthy eating, to stay away from steroids for artificial muscle and fat.
  6. It enables people to stay fit in a natural and healthy way and help them to body build under professional supervision.


  1. Black and Brave wrestling academy holds sessions from Tuesday to Fridays personally conducted by Seth Rollins.
  2. The program owns a personal ring including personal coaches and teach wrestling techniques.
  3. Seth Rollins, gives an in depth lecture about wrestling and how it can be used for self -defense. He also teaches the members his finisher and signature moves.
  4. It keeps people busy in the evenings when they might be on the streets getting in trouble.
  5. The authorities and coaches better understand and react to the issues faced by people and help them in self-defense to fight against these issues.
  6. The program is also an influential way of delivering important messages.


  1. Researchers say wrestling encourages positive relationships with adult mentors and develop confidence, aspirations and skills to help people.
  2. It is scientifically proven that fitness leads to a better and healthy life.
  3. It allows people to meet other professional wrestlers like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Roman Reigns and talk about their wrestling techniques and learn from the absolute best.
  4. Garcia reported she has never seen her son in such good condition and learning different techniques.
  5. Bob Arno also stated that Black and Brave wrestling academy is a good source of learning defense and survival skills.
  6. Most importantly it encourages people to think about their future, lead a happy healthy life with professional coaching and learn something they can use in future.

Register Now!

Contact detail

Phone: 112 4679

Email: Black and Brave wrestling academy @ gmail.com

AO2: Q) How does the writer convey his thoughts and feelings about his visit to Naples in Italy in the passage? By Aaizah Tahir 11M


A) This extract is a travel writing written by Bill Bryson, called “Neither Here Nor There”. The genre of this piece of text is non-fiction with the themes of travelling and beauty of simplicity of life in Italy. The tone of this passage is skeptical. The language is colloquial and engaging, with a simple vocabulary, including compound and descriptive words. The purpose of this passage is to entertain the reader and inform the audience about Italy. The audience consists of young adults, adults and tourists wanting to know about and/or visit Italy. This extract explains and describes in detail of what the writer sees as he wanders in the strets of Italy, and his thoughts and emotions while travelling and seeing the sights.

The tone of the author in this extract is skeptical and somewhat cynical. This can be seen by, “I awake to a gloomy day”, “Naples looked even worse”, “the worst of these districts” and “yet i feel safe enough.” These display the conflict that the writer feels about whether he likes the place or not. He describes the “shady square” and that there were “unattended children” who wore ” filthy shorts”, but then he tells the reader how despite all that, he feels safe. This reflects the writer’s attitude and gives the impresssion of a reasoned piece of writing. It also informs the reader of the writer’s view on Italy.

Then, the writer says, “there were no sign of happy fishermen”, “more people selling lottery tickets” and “dirty underpants, half a bar of chocolate.” This portrays the very colloquial and engaging language. The author explains and paints a picture of all that he saw or encountered on his trip to Italy in a simple, yet interesting manner. The colloquial language engages the reader, creates interest and makes it easier for the writer to get his point across. The reader gets impressed with all the information, and also makes the reader feel more at ease with the writer.

Furthermore, the writer has incorporated multiple figures of speech for effect. Firstly, he has made use of personification. Point in case, “wispy haze… taken away in the night”, “tumbling fog”, “slicing rain” and “stray smile”. The writer makes his point by describing something with something totally unrelated. This sparks interest in the reader, helps the reader understand the point being made and it also sustains the reader’s interest as it is easy to read.

Secondly, the writer has used simile, shown by, “washing hung like banners”. This clarifies and enhances the idea of the alleyway and is very effective, the aptness of comparison helps make a point.

Then, the writer has made use of alliteration. For example, “banners between balconies” and “stray smile”. This adds emphasis and reinforces the meaning of what is being said. It creates a highly emotive picture.

Finally, the writer has irony shown by, “Yet, I felt safe enough.” This is ironic as throughout the passage, the writer says how the streets are dirty and full of rubbish and there was theft but still, he feels safe. This makes the writer’s point distinctively and engages the reader through his words.

Next, the writer has used words like “obscured’, “hill sides”, “waterfront”, “menacing-looking”, “derelicts” and “blunder”. This shows the simple vocabulary used in the passage including compound-words. The writer also uses triples, “mean, cavernous and semi-paved”. All of this helps the reader read and understand the text written, easily. It engages the reader and puts them more at ease.

Finally, the writer uses sarcasm such as “pettier crimes like car theft”. This is a very powerful device and with a humorous touch, shows that the writer has negative feelings towards the crimes in Italy.

In conclusion, the writer has used various linguistic elements and techniques such as simple vocabulary, figures of speech and sarcasm to add effect to the passage. By this, he engages the reader, sustains the audience’s interest, makes his point distinctively and creates a highly emotive picture.

AO2: How does Mail Online express views on social websites? Explain your answer with brief quotations. By Areesha Fatima 10-F


The title of this text is ‘SOCIAL WEBSITES HARM CHILDREN’S BRAINS’ taken from ‘Mail Online’. It is an article which has been published on a website which is its structure. The purpose of this text is conative and informative as it seeks to inform and affect the reader. The language is quite straight-forward and appealing. The audience is young-adults, adults and people who are interested in knowing about the harmful effects of social websites. The tone of this passage is semi-formal and slightly negative as it can be seen by the diction. The theme is this passage is social websites.

Moreover, this passage contains expert opinions such as “neuroscientist Susan Greenfield”, “study by the Broadcaster Audience Research Board”. This shows that the author has ample knowledge about social websites and it makes the passage more reliable for the reader to relate.

The author has used Jargon which can be seen “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Bebo”. The use of naming social networking sites helps Mail Online to express views and add more emphasis on social websites.

Furthermore, the author has achieved their target by using triples in the text. For example, “shorten attention spans, encourage…and, make young….”. Also “killing, skinning and butchering.” This helps the author to stress upon the fact so that the reader understands the effects of social websites.

Another stylistic device that the author uses is contention which is the main line of argument. For example, “social networking websites are causing alarming changes in the brains of young users.” This shows the author’s point of view and it helps to pinpoint the issue being discussed.

The author has also used slight humor to engage the reader. For example, “we know how small babies need constant reassurance that they exist”. This device provokes laughter and makes a connection between the reader and the author.

The author has also used alliteration in this text ‘flight or fight’ which creates a rhythm for the reader and adds emphasis.

The author has also used inclusive language such as “of course, we do not know”, “we are seeing”. This gains sympathy and/or persuades the reader to agree with an idea. The author successfully grabs the reader’s attention.

Moreover, the author has used a variety of sentence structures which are simple, compound and complex. For example, “but they will strike”, “whether it can”, “and extremely profitable”. The use of these sentences creates short and long sentences to develop and reinforce viewpoints. This further builds a flow for the reader and through careful choice of words different effects are gained.

In conclusion, the ‘Mail Online’ has fulfilled their target of expressing its views about social websites. The author has used figurative language and rhetorical devices to have more impact on the reader. This makes the reader enjoy the article as its interesting. It gives a great deal of information about social media which shows that the author has a good amount of knowledge about the topic ‘social websites’.




Narrative: The Prize by Umer Alee


Years of planning had gone down.Months of training and numerous lessons.All of it , was about to be paid off.

“So when do we go in?,” asked number three,in an overly excited tone.
“You’ll know soon enough”, I replied with a devious grin.
My plan was perfect.Every outcome accounted for.Every scenario, played in my mind numerous times.Nothing could go wrong!
“Sober up everyone,we going tomorrow.” I inform the crew.
Everything was set up, all the gear packed, the crew pumped up.I stood proud,in front of the brilliant team of murders I had assembled and trained for a long time.
This was probably the last time I would see them if things went sideways; It was like a mother watching her child for college.
The crew: over briefed,over prepared,over excited,were ready to set out.
“Any last advice?,”number four joked around.
“Eye….on….the prize,” I replied in an overly dramatic tone.
My eight brilliant criminals had set out, as I stayed behind to monitor things from the outside. Alas,they were ready to rob the “National Gold Reserves of Italy”.
Everything was perfect.They had broken into the building and had taken everyone hostage as told so. It was transitioning so smoothly that at one point, even I was not sure how.
Ah, yes.God had to spice things up, didn’t he?
Some of the hostages managed to escape, as my ‘overly prepared’ crew was too lazy to tie them up of course.
It was time, time to leave, as we had run out of time.
The police had it, they were going to barge in, any second. I told the crew to disperse and escape.We had almost everythig, about five thousand tonnes of gold, sneaked through the sewage pipe lines.Some shitty gold all right.
I collected the gold from the outside and hid it well, while my crew escaped, as “rescued hostages” and then went underground in cities like Rio and Madagascar for a while.
Well atleast, this was the theory.In reality the police came in way before we anticipated.It was one epic shootout.We had no choice!
After a while,I saw the police retreat.I was relieved and sat next to the phone waiting for it to ring.
It rang.
“We lost him boss, we lost him,” Number three cried.
Number two was shot dead as he tried to buy time for the rest of his crew to escape.He was a brave soul, and I promised, not to let his sacrifice go to waste.
 It was a (nearly) perfect robbery.
 It took months for the crisis to calm down, things went back to normal and I assembled the crew.This time only,one less in number.
I took them to the gold, the perfect prize for a perfect heist.
Worth about a billion US dollars,the money was divided,number two’s share donated and the crew was instructed,
                “ Never Meet Again.”

AO2: How does Mail Online express news on social website? Explain Your answer with brief quotations. Written By: Ahmad Raja 10-F


Ans) ‘Social Websites Harm Children’s Brains’ is the title of this passage which is taken from a website named ‘Mail Online’. This Passage is informative but gives a touch of persuasion as well. The tone of the passage is negative as the writer is mostly talking about harms.


Straight-forward language is used by the writer to make the young and adult audience understand at the same time.


The writer is mainly using evidences and references himself, from neuroscientists and psychologists such as “Baron Greenfield” and “Jane Healy” so that the  audience could have more faith in the writers writing. Then, social networking Jargons like “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and “Bebo” are also used to gain faith of the readers and avow’s that these sites “shorten attention spans, encourage instant gratification, and make young people more self centered” so that the reader believes him.


The writer has not used many statistics, he has only used them occasionally like, “150 million”, “Six million”, or “Seven-and-a half hours a day”, but these also gain the interest and faith of the reader, as it gives an image of ponderousness.


The words such as “sharp decline”, “engaged in for millenia”, “Toxic Childhood”, “alarming changes”, “rewire the brain”, are used by the writer to logically persuade the reader about the bad effects of “Social websites” and make them think that our brains are being rewired by these  gargantuan things and that these should be ostracised or at least be used less.


The writer then compares a present day’s child talking to real people with “killing,skinning, and butchering an animal,” that this is replaced with packages of meat on the supermarket shelf for convenience. This grabs the readers considerateness as firstly, draconian words are used by the writer and secondly, the words are triples, which make the reader more interested in reading and understanding the meanings and intention of them.


The writer gives expert opinions of neuroscientists and psychologists such as, “technologies are infantilising the brain,” then he says that it’s in a state that children who like “buzzing” sounds and bright lights have small attention spans and “live for a moment.” Now this scares the reader and onomatopoeia is used, which makes and produces a familiar sound in the readers mind and gets a better idea of what is meant and that the reader has also heard this sound before.


In conclusion, the writer successfully reaches his goal and purpose of writing this passage by giving factual references of educated and qualified personalities and by using severe words to go deep in the readers mind to fulfill his purpose successfully and convince him that “Social websites harm children’s Brains.”