Descriptive essay Q) Describe a blizzard. By Fahad Jehangir.


Ans) After a slight interval of remarkably blazing heat, came an unexpected ‘Tyranny’ which was imposed upon the people of Russia. Great and extraordinarily enormous dark clouds raged across the pale blue sky bringing along a great source of distress, unrest and wretchedness.


It was none other than a catastrophic blizzard that threw hard, strong and extremely cold missiles from the sky creating a vivid image of a country in the state of war. The streets were almost instantly paved with a thick, cold and elegant coat of white, which also contributed towards causing immense shivers to anyone tall or short, fat or thin, male or female. The trees were freed from their green clothes and bushes were crushed due to the grave burden of snow upon their heads.


The wind had howled at an extremely high pitch and threatened anything in its undefined route. The car’s as well crumbled with shivers from tires to the roof whilst being bombarded with lightening fast snow ascending towards the face of the Earth.


It had not been mere minutes before the warmth of the sun was blocked due to a cover of hideous, dark and thunderous blanket of clouds separating the area from the sight of a scorching bright sun, hence bringing an unwanted gift of darkness and great terror.


Squirrels could be sighted in the formation of a huddles shielding themselves from the cold bestowed upon them. Cats were observed struggling miserably to get onto their numb little feet, while children and adults alike rushed for shelter with great agony.


The snow continued to embark upon land for hours and hours. The trees were slaughtered limb by limb and hedges butchered to death. The blizzard at this point seemed to be considered as a brutal warlord attempting to lay an air siege as the city was sunk by snow from head to toe, and left dislocated as an,  ‘active war-zone ‘.


The enormous buildings that were a representation of great architecture were left shattered and bruised. Houses were sunk up to the point that the chimney was the only way in and out. Every living and non-living thing was scarred deeply all due to the relentless calamity notoriously know as a ‘blizzard’.


The demolition brought fear and hammock all day and night as if heartless assassins had raided the area. Consequently the military had been defeated and the rescue team’s were intern the one’s who needed to be rescued. The mountains in a distance could be seen bearing an extra mass of ice and snow causing a great deal of burden upon their shoulders which also resulted in the collapse of some of these ranges.


The polar bears in the zoo unexpectedly shivered and trembled ordering to get some warmth. Meanwhile the penguins in the region picked their luggage and ran south.


In the end every ‘spec’ resented being in the crisis with temperatures that could be felt as if they reached towards ‘zero kelvin (-273°c)’.


                                                                                                               By: Fahad Jehangir



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