‘Its so over: Cool kids abandon social networking sites’ from the Guardian by Arisha Khan


Q1) Comment on the style and language of passage one using brief quotations

This Passage “Cool Cyber kids abandon social networking sites” is taken from “The Guardian”. The author addresses young adults and people who are interested in such passages in a semi-formal tone and passive voice. Its content, social networking sites informs the audience about certain problems online and persuades them to use less of these sites in order to prevent cyber bullying. The main theme of this newspaper report is social networking.

The writer introduces statistics which helps the reader believe in what the right has to say. “46% of 25-35 year olds are now regularly checking up on sites such as Facebook” or”15-24year olds who have a profile on social sites dropped from 55% at the start of last year of 50% of this year” This helps the reader in understanding the authors point of view logically and it adds weight to the authors point making it irrefutable.

However The author of the this news report also uses adjectives such as “nodding awkwardly “this adds emphasis to the writers idea and helps in understanding the author and the scenario it is used in. This also indicates how the father felt as they were in slight discomfort

The repetition of Jargon such as “Facebook”,”My Space” and “Ofcom” in this passage creates a sense of authority and puts the author in a space where it seems as if he knows all about the technical language, as well as leaves the reader thinking

Moreover the writer also uses Colloquial Language, “rara skirts” this adds more of an informal tone to the passage creating a light mode for audience as the rest of the passage is quite serious.

Subsequently the writer also connotes alliteration in this passage “proliferation of parents” this adds meaning to the phrase and more emphasis to the passage. Which lets the reader have a more concentrated mind and stay hooked to the passage.

The writer even states the issue of social media and how it imapcts the young generation as well as the older generation as well as the older generation. “While older people seem to be embracing social networking sites, Facebook, MySpace remained immensely popular with children under 16”. This shows that children are attached more towards the social sites than they have ever been hence the author tries to convince the reader in agreeing with his statement.

Therefore the author narrates metaphors too, “adolescent exodus” indicates that the children or younger generation is leaving their old childhood away behind in the worst way possible and interacting via social media sites more than they should.

Initially, “The guardian” writer tries to persuade and inform the audience with the repetition of statistics which helps making his “statements” “facts”; he uses different techniques with different effects. He uses other techniques such as jargon, metaphor, alliteration, colloquial language and much more to make the author feel and believe in his thinking


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