Informal letter by Taha Hayee 9-F



2822 Arizona Terrace NW

Washington 20016

United States of America

November 6th 2017



Dear Giulio,


Hey man! How are you and your family? I’m really missing you guys. I really wish I could still be there… But it’s not that bad here! There’s a lot to see! I can’t even believe it! But with good also comes some annoying things. But who cares! I LOVE IT!


Some good-wait not good, AMAZING things I saw was SNOW! There was actually real life freaking SNOW!!! It was like amazing cold fluff balls falling out of the sky. It was absolutely great. I was so flabbergasted! Some other stuff that is here is Dark Restaurant windows. I’m guessing it was for privacy or something like that. There were also a lot of coke cans and other junk food stuff on the ground. Americans are scary fat! Our family also went through a car wash after seeing some advertisement for $350 washes. It was nothing like Pakistan. You actually get to sit in the car and through the car wash. It was weird when the machines put the soap on the car and then we went through these furry long pillars that along with water washed our car. It was crazy! But dude! The shopping. I mean like… what!? It was so cool. I have never seen a shop like this. It wasn’t just a shop for grocery, it even had a coffee shop and a small place to eat. So instead of being dragged around by my parents, I could just chill and eat! Mind blowing, right!


There were also so many things you find here that are enjoyable. First of all instead of these hot stuffy buses there were air-conditioned ones. You could relax and do anything you wanted. The bus didn’t stop when you yelled out to the conductor. Oh no, no, no! Just press a button on the wall and the bus will stop just like that! Bro, but the best thing was the snowball fights, sledding and so much more. Even in the cold snow you would start sweating after a good snow showdown. It was so much fun! Snow is so freaking fluffy and you can even eat it. I have never ever, ever, I mean never tasted anything as good as snow. Yum! (Just kidding, but it was pretty good). Our house was huge. There is so much space. I have no idea how we are going o furnish everything. But the best part of the house was the green lawns. They are so good for football and I can’t wait for me to get a football, and goals so I can practice. Americans are so helpful and friendly! The day after we moved in our neighbors actually came over and brought food. It was delicious!


But sadly with good things also come some bad things as well. One is that even though the city is beautiful the streets are extremely noisy and there is A LOT of traffic. The streets also had some WEIRD smells! Sometimes when I’m walking to the bus stop I feel like I am going to puke my guts out. I start to gag like crazy. Also since my dad is still doing his residency and hasn’t started to specialize yet we aren’t getting a lot of money. It’s only, guess $…! I couldn’t believe when I found out! The snow is amazing but it does cause some annoying things. It causes low visibility at the airport which delayed our flight. That was so annoying and my …. Family was mad. There were even delays of the taxi to arrive at the airport because of the very heavy snow. Also when we got home we were stuck and couldn’t leave because there was… 3 ft of snow!!! It was absolutely horrible.


It has been a crazy ride for my family dude. But we have settled in and are so far moving along. I hope that you can visit because I miss you. Also together we can experience more new things, have fun and also get annoyed by U.S.A.


Hope to see you soon,


Taha Hayee


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